A Zesty Breakfast!

by zesty on September 29, 2008 · 12 comments

Well I thought I would share a typical breakfast in the life of me zestycook aka Cory. Now I don’t eat this all the time by any means but it is pretty common. I like to touch off most of the food groups for a balanced start to the day for sure.

Below I have 3 boiled eggs with fresh ground pepper. The only tip I have for boiled eggs is about 7 minutes ( if you like them soft as I do). If i am really in the mood for a treat I add a little homemade jam to the eggs and the spoon it on the toast.

Can you really enjoy toast without butter? For me, I usually always have butter on it unless I go with peanut butter or jam/jelly. What do you enjoy on your toast?

For my fruit selection I went with some peaches and blueberries mixed in with some vanilla yogurt as well as a¬†tablespoon of ground flaz seeds. There is really no recipe here… just throw in what you like and enjoy.

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