An Awesome Summer Meal and a Survey!

by zesty on August 21, 2009 · 33 comments

Happy Friday!  Another week in August is gone.  Can you believe it?  I find it hard to believe but it is what it is.  So here I am prepared to show you one of my favorite things to eat in August….. Corn on the cob.


For this meal, it was a simple roasted chicken from the market, some fresh homemade garden salad (with lettuce, cukes, tomatoes and red peppers ) and some steamed corn on the cob.


I absolutely love it.  Since we got home from Boston I have been craving it so I will share this quick dish with you.  In addition to this recipe, I am calling for your help.  As I mentioned in my post yesterday, we are having problems picking out the flooring.  I think we know the look we want to go for but are struggling with the flooring type.  Contemporary/Modern is the look we are after but our dilemma lies within the functionality and the practicality of the floor.

Attached are some of the sample colors and patterns we are leaning towards. What I would like from you is to tell me your opinion in either the survey below or in the comments and maybe your thoughts around it. We are leaning towards the marmoleum product as it is very durable, commercial grade, it looks sharp and is different.

So far we have looked at:














Zesty’s flooring Survey

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1 kimberly

I went in expecting to dislike the marmoleum, but I like it a lot. I like the hardwood too, just not quite as much. Ceramic seems like it could go wrong, just in terms of the look.


2 brandi

my in-laws just put a cork floor in their kitchen and it’s AWESOME! So, so comfortable to stand on and it looks beautiful.


3 Courtney

my parents have the dark hardwood in their living room and dining room and it looks so elegant.


4 Jess

We have cork floors in the first floor of our house and I love it! I’ve been really happy with it as it’s very spongy and noise absorbing!


5 Cait (Cait's Plate)

Hardwood is beautiful, but laminate looks almost as good and you don’t have to worry about special cleaners I don’t think? Good luck deciding :)


6 Lizzy

Can’t go wrong with corn on the cob! perfect summer food! :)

happy friday! :)


7 Penny

My 3 favorites are the dark hardwood, Marmoleum, and vinyl. I really like the dark colored wood grain look. I have also seen some dark laminate that looks really, really great.
Let us know what you choose. :-)


8 Diane

I picked the laminate because I thought it would be easy to care for, although I would go with a darker color. I think cork is soft so not sure how that would work. I think hardwood may require more care. I personally don’t like anything like linoleum or vinyl. Ceramic may be a colder look than you are going for. So, for what it’s worth there is my opinion – please let us know what you decide on – it’s hard!!!


9 Nina

I like ceramic the best, but I love the look of tile. My 2nd choice would be hardwood. :)


10 eatingRD

We just installed laminate in our living room, dining room, kitchen combo in our new house and we really like it. We got a darker color, but the only thing is that it shows everything, especially hair and slobber from the basset hound :) That’s the only thing that would make a lighter color or ceramic better for me? I like hardwood, but it is a lot of upkeep too. good luck with your decision!


11 Alisa - Frugal Foodie

I’m not familiar with Marmoleum, and have never experienced a cork floor (to vouch for look and benefits); that said, I would go with laminate. The upkeep of hardwood is much greater, and hardwood isn’t as forgiving if you are on it all day (walking, running, cleaning, whatever). Plus, laminate looks so good these days that I find homes with it actually look better than those with hardwood since so many people don’t do the upkeep on hardwood.

Definite no on the tile/ceramic flooring except for bathrooms. Once again, VERY unforgiving on your joints throughout the day, and have you ever tried to clean up a glass jar of broken mirin (sticky!) or an entire glass jar of liquified coconut oil (we won’t even go there). Everything breaks on tile flooring, so if anyone in the house is even the slightest bit of a clutz, consider some glassware a goner.

We have lived with hardwood, tile, and laminate flooring, so I speak with experience on those :) I will have to look up Marmoleum though!


12 Lauren

If you have the financial resources, I suggest the hardwood! I love the rich look of real wood flooring.



I dont know the size of your room, but I think a lighter color would have a less “closed in” look..especially on a dreary winter day.


14 Kent

Hardwood has a guaranteed payback. Nearly all other flooring is “disposable” whereas hardwood flooring is able to be resurfaced several times. It is ultra low maintenance and warmer than ceramic. Over the long-haul it’s cheaper than possibly any other flooring choice. We had our entire living area done in hardwood and have been extremely happy with it. The carpeting after 3 years is showing it’s wear but the wood is still beautiful. If you can afford it, it’s the best choice, but don’t take my word for it… check the survey!


15 Bob

Mmmm, corn. But hardwood ftw, dude.


16 Gina

I think the reason I voted for the vinyl was because I liked the view in that picture!! I would choose hardwood, if you can afford it, but vinyl if you can’t (I LOVE the look of a real hardwood floor, but they can be really expensive). Good luck with the decision!


17 Raya

100% agreeing with Gina above. I too voted vinyl but mayyy have been influenced by the gorgeous view in the pic. Oopsies :)

Raya @


18 Sarah R

I’m voting cork- it’s a recycled product!


19 Laura

The marmoleum and cork both would look awesome! I’m not a huge fan of vinyl though. My grandparents have the laminate wood floors in their house and they look really nice. Kinda squeaky though. Might have been the way it was installed? Good luck! =]


20 Danica

Hi Zesty,

My Husband has been installing flooring for over 17 years and would be totally willing to discuss products/manufacturers with you if you want.

From what you have listed, he recommends the dark engineered hardwood, “distressed”. Distressed is really nice because if you ever put any dings or scratches in it, they will blend in. The high gloss shiny hardwood finishes show the scratches and nicks as well as finger/foot prints.

Just food for thought ~ email, call or message me if you want to discuss more :) I’d be glad to help (with his advice) LOL



21 Susan

What happens to the cork if someone spills something on it- or they have wet or dirty feet? How easy is it to keep clean?


22 Allen P

I have sold flooring for more then 20 years. I have not paid close attention to how many children and pets you have,and it looks like your house is in the country, rocks, dirt,etc…
These are usually questions I would begin with, as well as how long you plan to stay in the home.
I voted for ceramic tile.
It is the most durable flooring available on the market, period.
You then may use area rugs to change your decor, just as you would hardwood.
All real hardwood floors can scratch fairly easy compared with ceramic.My hardwood is a 5″ handscraped floor, so, if it scratches I can touch it up without seeing it.
With ceramic tile you can just live in your home, no worries about being careful.
I do love Linoleum based products like Marmoleum, but they don’t stay as pretty as long as ceramic.
70% of my home is either ceramic or porcelain tile.
My living room, hallway and stairs is hardwood, 2 bedrooms are carpet.

Whatever you choose, just remember, you get what you pay for…
Good Luck.

Thanks for all the recipes.

Allen P


23 Joy

I really like them all but I did want ot tell you about my kitchen and bathrooms. We built our home about 25 years ago. I absolutely would not take anything for my ceramic floors in above said rooms. They are easy to clean and look as good as they did when they were put in. We also have hardwood floors that we had made from the trees we cut to clear off our land. They really need refinishing now. But the ceramic…………not at all. The only negative thing I can say is if you have a fine china cup and drop it, it will most likely shatter. But the grandchildren can get in the tub and splash all they want to, or at least all I can stand and all I have to worry about is mopping up.


24 Brittany

I really like the dark hard wood! But cork seems really unique. Good luck deciding!!


25 Jenna

Hey Zesty!

I have been recently following you since last weekend when you appeared at the HLS. I was watching from the comforts of my home :)

The HLS really got me thinking this past week and I started my own blog TODAY! I hope you will stop by from time to time and let me know what you think. Bare with me while I learn the whole blogging technology… he he.

Also, would you mind if I added you to my blogroll once I get that set up?

Enjoy your Saturday! And I would either go with hardwood or the ceramic!


26 Jen @ MaplenCornbread

HARDWOORD! You can never go wrong, such a classic, durable and long lasting! I’d have nothing but :)

Corn on the cob, some of my favorites of summer! Have you tried it grilled?


27 Amanda

The corn looks fabulous. I am stopping by the local farmer tomorrow and he’s picking me some corn, he gives me bunches every year for free :)

I can’t help with the flooring, if I had to choose it would be hardwood, but modern design isn’t my style, so I would probably not be a good voice :)


28 Lainie

Corn on the cob is the best, isn’t it? I voted for hardwood; it’s timeless, it’s classic, and it’s durable. You definitely CANNOT go wrong with that choice!


29 Ashley

I’m glad hardwood is in the lead, it’s definitely a great option! And if you’re going for a modern look, stick with the blonde. It will make your space look more open, and lighter wood tones are more modern then the classic look of dark wood.


30 Scott

Hey Zesty, I voted for the cork, but let me tell you, I’ve seen much nicer looking cork.

Have you considered bamboo? It’s sustainable, durable, and looks very nice in my opinion.

By the way, great job with the Healthy Living Summit, I heard it was amazing and a lot of that is owed to you!


31 ReinventingSandyB

Hi Zesty, great site! On the floor thing – did a major reno on our loft a few years back and had the same dilemma. Went with high-grade laminate because it fit our budget + needs at the time. However, for best ROI (especially if you’re in a house), consider the hardwood. Not as durable as laminate though (will scuff here and there, but that adds character in my opinion), but is a bonus for resale. Also, cork, as you may know, is hot hot hot right now in the decor world! Thought it was a fad but it’s actually still quite popular. It’s enviro-friendly, plus it’s cool just to say, “Ya, my floor is cork…” no? Best of luck. Either way, go with your gut. Never fails when it comes to renovating.


32 Sues

I love the marmoleum and darker hardwood!

Your meal looks fabulous :)


33 leslie

Have you though of stained polished concrete? It is sooo pretty and has a nice clean look


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