Apples: A Day in the Orchard

by zesty on October 13, 2008 · 36 comments

Saturday past was slated as family day in the orchard! We had a blast. The weather was really nice, sun shining, birds chirping and apples a plenty. I don’t often attend the apple orchard events but I must say that I was impressed. The focus at this particular orchard were Cortland and McIntosh Apples. It was somewhat crowded in the parking aisles but the orchard was so big – it felt like you were picking by yourselves.  The following days will likely contain many more apple baked goodness and I may even try the apple crisp version from a while ago.

A quick shot in the orchard…

Just getting a closer look at all the apples in the tree… Can you tell that I don’t come to the orchard very often?

Checking out the Cortland up close…

The finished product… Not too mention we had 47 lb. in total we just threw some in a basket to make the picture look good!

When we got home from the orchard I wanted to whip up a quick snack for everyone and test out these apples (even though I knew they were tasty because i inhaled two at the orchard). I came up with some of my favorite ways to eat an apple besides the old fashion way of washing it off and chomping in.

Below are three quick ways to prepare apples that are usually fan favorites with the younger crowd:

1. Apple Peanut Butter

2. Apple Brown Sugar

3. Apple Chocolate

Thank you so much for reading about my apple orchard day.  Now because I am super curious about almost everything.  I want to know what everyone loves on their apples?

Happy Thanksgiving to all fellow Canadians!!  Enjoy the turkey!

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