Are Grocery Costs Over the Top?

by zesty on March 11, 2009 · 102 comments

Ok, this may come off as a ranting zesty but I have had it up to here (I am actually pointing to my neck) with the cost of groceries these days.  Now I cannot speak for people in both the US and countries abroad but here in Canada I find that the prices have gone through the roof.  I feel like no matter what I do – our grocery bill keeps rising to a point at which I think it may be cheaper to eat out everyday….. grrrr


How this post came to fruition is that I was out getting groceries last night and I had a list of about 15 items which isn’t too bad.  Pretty much all of the food was regular everyday stuff.  So I am browsing around, having a good time – bumping into some people I know and chatting it up all the while picking out the items in need.

So I have everything in my cart and all is well.  When I get to the cashier, I haul my handy dandy recycle bags out and hand them to her.  I only had two bags but I knew that would be plenty for the few groceries I had.


So we are progressing through the cash and I am looking at the monitor watching the total go up … and up.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not as cheap as a clay pipe or anything but for me this whole ” jack food prices up” is really getting to me.  Continuing on, we are just about to wrap things up, final items being scanned, I look up and literally I feel like something is out of whack.


$147 for two bags of groceries!!!  After I swallowed and regained my composure, I grabbed my debit card and proceeded through.  As I was walking to the car  I told myself, “Zesty you need to post about this and see if other people in the world are feeling the same as you”.

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Do you notice your grocery bills are considerably higher than a year ago?  Do you shop around for better deals?  Do you tend to stick to the outside aisles at the grocery stores?  These are all things I normally try to do but I am at a loss.  I was shocked that 2 bags of groceries would cost $147.00.

I know this post was a little out of character for me but I felt that it’s an important topic.  I look forward to hearing your response to the survey.

Take care


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