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Happy Tuesday!  Well I had a fun Monday… not!  So I show up to work with huge plans to get some work done.  I am working away attacking my to do list and all of a sudden at 9:00am… the power goes out.  Oh dear, what can I do?  No internet, my cell phone battery is dying, and my laptop battery is on it’s last bar.  It was not shaping up to be a good day.

Anyway, I hear there is a fire at the main power sub station so we are in for the long haul.  I putter around the office for a while trying to pretend that I have work to do but really I don’t.   So after a couple of hours at the office I make my way home in hopes that the power is on there.  The good news is “the power was on” bad news is “I have a tonne of work to do”.  Off to work I went.

The weather has been nice lately and it seems like it may be a barbecue week.  I thought I would show you my barbecue and how I prepare my barbecue for the season.  Most winters I store the bbq in the garage but due to laziness I left it covered on the deck this year.  So with that said… I had to determine a good way to clean the barbecue and get it ready for grilling.  Below are some of the steps I do to ensure the grill is good to go.


When it comes time to prepare for the summer season, it’s time to start thinking about the cleaning the barbecue grill.

That is the time to do a few routine checks and preparations which will keep your barbecue operating safely for the season.

BBQ Cleaning Tips

  • Cleaning the inside of your barbecue – The first step to annual barbecue maintenance is cleaning. It has to be done!  The secret to cleaning your barbecue is to do it every time you use it.  However, don’t go over the top as a coat of natural food oils on the cast iron parts protects them from rust. Eventually though,  the oils, fats and burnt-on food will build up excessively and need to be removed.  Warm barbecues are easier to clean than cold ones, so start it up for a short time and then use a wire brush to remove any particles from last season.
  • bbq_1


  • The outer casing – If your barbecue has a stainless-steel outer casing and trolley, then all it will need is a simple cleaning. Harsh cleaners and abrasives shouldn’t be used on stainless-steel as they will scratch it.  Soapy water and vinegar mix is all that is needed. I have also used a stainless steel cleaning powder (mixed with water) that has worked wonders.  After cleaning the outer casing, it can be buffed with cleaning oil, or even a little baby oil.   The oil will remove watermarks, fingerprints and will also make it easier to clean next time.
  • bbq_4


  • Control the rust – If your grills and burners are cast iron, they may have corroded over winter. Scrape off any flaked rust and then give the surface a good scour with a wire brush.  Wash all the parts and then spray with cooking oil before they rust up again.
  • Keep it working – Gas taps can become stiff over winter (depending on where you live), causing plastic controls to break. Remove the plastic knobs and spray the mechanisms with a lubricant like WD-40 to free them up. Apply a drop of  oil to each tap and then cover them with Vaseline to keep the oil in.



  • Easier to clean – Before you fire up the grill, spray it with nonstick cooking spray or wipe it with vegetable oil to make cleanup easier.  If a grill is still warm, not hot, rub a balled-up piece of aluminum foil against it to remove any debris, just like you would a stiff brush.

Zesty Tip: Cut down on the mess in your charcoal grill by lining the bottom with aluminum foil. When it becomes stained with grease residue or worn out, simply throw it away and replace it with new. When using aluminum foil in cooking, note that it has a shiny side and a dull side. The shiny side is heat-reflective, while the dull side absorbs heat more readily. If you’re baking a potato, wrap it shiny-side-out for slower cooking, or dull-side-out for faster cooking.

Busy Tuesday ahead!  I hope you have a great day and let me know of anything you would like blogged about or maybe your favorite recipe tried by zesty.  I would love to hear from you.

Take care


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