Beans for Beantown and Some Beef

by zesty on August 6, 2009 · 4 comments

So it is late on Wednesday night as I frantically try to write all my thoughts that I want to share with you today.  As you know I am heading to Boston next week for the Healthy Living Summit as a sponsor and a presenter.  I will be doing a presentation on “Blogging 101″ and I’m very excited to add to the food community.  So with Bean town and continuing on the huge BBQ meal from the past weekend, I thought I would share with you a couple of quick and easy “BEAN” dishes as well as a killer grilled beef.

Fava Beans


  • Fava beans
  • Lime and Dill Epicure Dry Mix
  • White Balsamic Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  1. Place fava beans in water and bring to a boil
  2. favabean

  3. Let simmer for about 10 minutes
  4. favabean

  5. Peel outer case and discard
  6. favabean


  7. Place fava beans in a bowl
  8. Add ingredients and let sit
  9. favabean

  10. ENJOY!

String Beans

Such a simple vegetable and yet so tasty.  I love these fresh from the market and they are so easy to prepare.  For this dish we simply prepped the beans, boiled them until tender, seasoned with salt and pepper then topped with a dollop of butter.  Delicious.



Grilled Beef

Well you know I love beef!  This roast was simply seasoned with salt and pepper – dropped on the grill on indirect heat ( which means heat on one side and not on the other side of the grill – and the meat is placed over the area with no heat)  Cooked until done to your liking.  Then just let it sit before carving and ENJOY!  So simple but such a great flavor.





So there you have a few more items from the BBQ menu.  Tomorrow I will give you the final plating as well as a killer “simple” dessert –  Stay tuned.  I hope you have a great day today and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Take care


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