Preparing Breakfast for 50!

by zesty on April 22, 2009 · 33 comments

Happy Wednesday!  Yesterday was a bit of a zoo at the office to say the least.. but at least I like the zoo.  I am not sharing with you any food today but I need your help.  I am in charge of preparing breakfast for 50 adults on Friday and I am wondering what to make!

I have access to an oven to warm things up on site so that is not an issue.  I was thinking some homemade quiche may work, or possibly breakfast pizza.  I would like to do something a little out of the ordinary and treat people to a really nice surprise.

I would love to hear your input in either the comments or by using the poll.

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Thanks so much in advance for taking the time to help me out with determining what to make for Friday.  I really appreciate it.

In Other News

Bobbi at Nhershoes runs the Boston marathon and has a great recap!

Bren over at Flanboyant Eats has a great blog that I just recently found – Amazing Pictures

How about some Raspberry Cream Cheese buns over at Bake or Break…. amazing!

I hope you have a great Wednesday and I look forward to hearing your ideas for the big breakfast!

Take care


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1 VeggieGirl

DAMN that’s a lot of mouths to feed – good luck!! I voted :-)


2 Laura

I like to make frittatas for an easy and delicious breakfast for a crowd. They are just as good room temp and you can get really creative with the fillings. Good Luck!


3 meg

Good luck with the breakfast! Can’t wait to hear what you decide to make.


4 Sues

I voted for breakfast pizza because it’s different and fun. Also, you could do a couple different kinds if you wanted to. Maybe a vegetarian one? Good luck and let us know what you decide and how it goes!!


5 Shannon (The Daily Balance)

WOW! What a task! Can’t wait to hear all about it ;)


6 coco

muffin!!! :D


7 Two Barking Dogs

plastic bag omelets.


8 CaSaundra

I made this for a church brunch a couple times and each time I get rave reviews. It’s easy to whip up as many of the brunch rings as needed and you can personalize each one to have more of a variety. You can find my recipe here–>
PS. this is good either hot out of the oven, warm, or cold! Very versitle and extremely delicious!


9 K

Good luck with the cooking!! I’m sure whatever you choose to make will turn out fabulous!


10 Caroline

Whoa! Breakfast for 50 is quite a challenge! I like your breakfast pizza idea. I remember Mark Bittman posted an excellent recipe for that a few weeks ago for the NYT–might be worth a look.


11 Danica

Wow – that’s alot of people to cook for. You will do awesome with whatever you make. I voted for the easiest option :)


12 Pearl

oh zesty – i think a quiche or egg muffins would be great to serve at breakfast! i also like your breakfast pizza idea – you know what would be fantastic? if they could make their OWN breakfast pizza. but i’m not quite sure how that would work.. that’d be up to the expert chef (you)!


13 Mara @ What's For Dinner?

I don’t think I could do that much breakfast… really. I’d like to EAT that much breakfast though!


14 Amanda

Instead of regular muffins and biscuits, I suggest mini muffins… they add more color, they are easier to transport, and you can make less but it looks like more!


15 Susan

Besides the warm stuff, serve lots of wonderful fresh fruit!!! I always get so delighted when I go somewhere and see a fruit spread :)


16 Marianne

I would think a breakfast strata would be good – you could make a few different kinds. Plus that way you get to incoporate veggies into breakfast :D Perhaps offering fruit, yogurt, and granola as an option would be nice too, since some people may not be into the eggy breakfast, or want something lighter.


17 megan

I’d vote for that french toast where it’s french bread pieces soaked in eggs and baked with a wonderful gooey buttery cinnamon sugary bottom. do you know what i mean? that stuff is so good, and easy to make for lots of people since you just bake it. although frittatas are also great and full of variety. and fresh fruit of course!


18 Michelle

Casseroles are the way to go..easy to put together and fill up stomachs fast!


19 Cookie

I voted for Quiche but what I think you should make is MINI Quiche like the Nancy’s kind but better, of course since they’re not frozen! You could just use a mini muffin pan and make a few different kinds (spinach and cheese would be my fav!). BTW, are you inviting everyone over or what? :)


20 ZestyCook

@ Cookie – Yeah I was thinking about the mini quiche. You can see the quiche I feature a while ago and they were a huge hit. But doing the dough by hand they are somewhat time consuming… but I do agree homemade is the way to go


21 Bunny

I voted casserole too. Boy are you brave, making breakfast for 50!! Good luck and take pictures of the food for us!!


22 ttfn300

MMM, i love b’fast! i’d go for something that you normally make ahead anyways, like a quiche, pizza, or bake :) can’t wait to see what you come up with!


23 Heidi

When we have large breakfast get-togethers, one of our mainstays is biscuits and sausage gravy. It’s easy to make the biscuits ahead of time, freeze them and then heat them in an 18 quart roaster. The gravy can be make ahead of time too and heated up on another roaster. Then you can have cut up fruit and sweet rolls or muffins (again made ahead of time) on the side.


24 amanda

We used to have breakfast pizza at my college, it had like bacon, eggs, cheese on it….from what I heard no one liked it and they dont have it anymore so some people might think its weird but who knows maybe its just my school! I think the quiche or egg muffin sandwiches sound the best!


25 Erin from long island

i think make big batches of small things, have sweet and savory options. i like the idea of a frittata or mini quiche with fresh seasonal veggies and herbs. (it’s earth day so my mind is anti-meat). for sweet the mini scone/muffin is nice but a baked french toast-inspired casserole would be way easier. don’t forget some fresh fruit!


26 Angie

The quiche sounds delicious! And I agree- plenty of fresh fruit, and of course, coffee!


27 Paul

Yo Zesty….how about breakfast fajitas???? Eggs, sausage, onion and pepper in a soft tortilla wrap with salsa (mild, med and hot) and sour cream served on the side. I’m betting some guacamole would work too.


28 Christie @ Fig & Cherry

Wow, what a big job! I think a selection of hot and cold items is nice. For cold – how about a breakfast parfait? Seasonal fruit layered with yoghurt and granola. It can be prepared in advance to be eaten while you get the hot course started… I love the idea of a quiche – maybe with goats cheese and roasted peppers :)


29 Jen

You could bake mini frittatas in muffin tins. Then you don’t have to deal with a crust. I second the suggestion of plenty of fresh fruit and maybe some yogurt for the non egg/meat-eaters, plus some kind of bread.


30 Katie

I voted other: I say breakfast muffins, but do it with smoked salmon! You would have to pick an appropriate cheese, but is very tasty!


31 Angela@spinachtiger

I recently starting making crepes. You can make them all ahead of time, even days ahead and freeze them if you desire. Do various toppings. I recently did pear with walnuts and feta that I haven’t posted yet. These are impressive.

Otherwise i would do frittata, served at room temperature. There are so many wonderful options for frittata.


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