Brick Oven and Masters Golf

by zesty on April 9, 2012 · 3 comments

This means that you are so full your belly hurts. 

Why is it every time I visit my in laws – I feel like I gain 5lbs.  Am I a pig or do I just love to eat?  Let’s go for the latter as calling someone a pig may be a bit rude. 

From opening pretzel snacks and jelly beans, to salsa, guacamole and nachos, followed up with brick oven pizza and chocolate cream cheese cupcakes… I mean seriously – you cannot eat that.  That would be a damn shame!

Ok, so we did enjoy the masters.  Great finish going into a playoff and one of my favorite tournaments to watch.  Between you and me ( but don’t tell anyone) I would not care what was on TV as long as I get invited to the brick oven show!

I have been practicing on manual setting with my camera as of late so – not sure what you will think of the pictures today.  I took a few from the festivities yesterday in hopes I could share them with you.


A Little Salsa Heat


Fresh Made Guacamole.... YUM


Getting the Paddle ready for some dough. I am smiling even though you can't see me.


Sauce it up.... homemade to boot.


Would you like a little Mozzarella?


Freshly sliced mushrooms.. I like!


The Inlaw in action.... I am thinking hand model yet again!


The Finale.... tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and a little salami - All for me


Another shot... cause I love this


Chocolate Cream cheese Cupcakes make a return. Click the picture for all the details


That is the wrap up!  As I sit here on Monday morning… I am still somewhat full.   Yesterday’s food was fantastic.  Company was fun and the golf enjoyable!  A great Easter Sunday.  I will talk to you on Wednesday with a little news of what’s to come with Zesty.

Take care


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