Cold Plate, Car Wash and a Sale

by zesty on June 22, 2009 · 9 comments

What a weekend!  Lets summarize shall we.  First, I decided to put my Honda Accord up for sale this weekend in preparation to buy a truck to replace it.  I always wanted a truck so now might be the time.  I thought with the new house coming and all the building going on – it would nice to have the ability to haul something when you need to.


On Saturday evening I was treated to a homemade cold plate. It included ham, potato salad, garden tomatoes, cucumbers and homemade bread.  What a treat!  Thanks Nan.


The Black Bomber




In addition, we had a last minute boy/girl wedding shower on Sunday that we had to attend. It was a good time and the desserts were incredible.  I didn’t have my camera which is unfortunate.

So a new week has started and our goal is to make some positive traction on the house.  Survey of the property and soil test is complete.  I am just waiting for the elevation of the plans to be finalized, then move onto the building permit along with temporary electric service.  Once  that is complete, we will be ready to dig the hole a get this party started.

I hope you have a great Monday! I have a real treat for you tomorrow (and Wednesday) so stay tuned for some really creative baking.

Take care


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1 bobbi

oooo can’t wait!


2 brandi

cold plates are so nice sometimes.

good luck with selling the car! We have a Honda Accord that we love – the good thing is that they hold their value, so you should be able to get what it’s worth.

I hope everything goes well today!


3 Cammy@TippyToeDiet

There’s nothing quite as good as a cold plate in the summertime. That one looked particularly delicious!


4 K

Tomatoes with salt and pepper – I’ve been eating that nonstop! Love summer foods :)

Good luck selling the car!!


5 Gina

Nice lookin’ car! I have a black honda Civic as well, 2001. How many miles on yours? Mine only has 40,000!! I never drive. Good luck with the sale.


6 rachel-asouthernfairytale

I adore cold plates! nom nom!

We love eating cold plates right now.. especially since it is 100+ outside! yowza!

we had cold rotini tonight with a sundried vinaigrette and cold chicken.. It was mah-velous!

good luck selling the car and can’t wait for the surprises!


7 Jess

I love the liberal use of black pepper all over your yummy looking cold plate….a zezty after my own heart-or rather, pepper grinder!


8 [Blocked by CFC] Narcisa Piedmont

Howdy nice design on the blog looks eye catching


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