Cold Storage: Yes or No?

by zesty on July 8, 2009 · 20 comments

Happy Wednesday! Do I have some exciting news for you today! But first, before I get to the excitement, I want to ask you a question. Do you like the idea of having cold storage in your house. This would be used for preserves, wines, vegetables or anything you can think of.


So I want to hear what you think of “Cold Storage”. I am not sure we are going to include that addition but I have been debating it over the past few weeks.

Now onto some more exciting news….

Zesty Breaks Ground!

Well the day has finally come and I have to share with you pictures the building lot and the ground breaking dig that took place yesterday.  Let me know you what you think!







I am taking today off to do some house stuff and run some errands.  I hope you have a great day and I will be back in the morning.  I am out of the country next week for work so if anyone would like to be a special guest poster on zesty let me know and I would be happy to feature you next week.

Take care


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1 Sarah

OMG I would love to have a cold storage and I am jealous of everyone I know who has one.


2 Gina

What is the difference between cold storage and a refrigerator? If they are the same, then yes, I think it’s important to have cold storage! Especially as of recently since there have been so many food safety hazards.


3 eatlivetravelwrite

The breaking ground is soooo exciting!!!!

Funny, I am also looking for a few guest posts…


4 Meg

Congrats on the ground breaking! The land looks so beautiful! How exciting!


5 Angie All The Way

Oh the idea of making a “cold room” for storage in your new house would be something I bet you’d be glad you did, even for cases of water or pop etc that you don’t want to take up room in your fridge. Great idea :-) I hope you’ll share pics of your new kitchen when it’s all said and done. I can only imagine what a Zesty planned kitchen would be like!


6 brandi

congrats on breaking ground! that’s awesome :)

my husband’s aunt and uncle built a log cabin with heated floors, but they didn’t put the heating under their huge pantry so it’s like 10-15 degrees cooler in there. I thought that was a good idea and had never seen it before.


7 Lainie

What a BEAUTIFUL lot! Congratulations to you – exciting time!!!


8 Krista

That looks like a beautiful piece of land! WOW!

I’ve always had cold storage (or a cantina as I grew up calling it) until this house and I do miss it!


9 haya

cold storage is fantastic! i’d go for it. ours isn’t really that cold in the summer though but it is still definitely cooler than anywhere else in the house.


10 Amy

We have a cold room and I looove it! Its great for storing BEER too! :)


11 Pam

The house we bought a couple years ago came with cold storage. AND I LOVE IT! Since we have a basement, our cold storage room is located under our front porch. Even with our unfinished basement, it is always a bit cooler in the cold storage room. So I have a small pantry upstairs, and my cold storage downstairs. Then again, I am a firm believer in food storage and have the thing chalk full of home canned fruits, salsa, pasta sauce, jam, etc. As well as plenty of wheat, flour, sugar, rice, pasta, etc.


12 Beth @ CrossBorderCravings

When I was in college I actually LIVED in a cold storage room for a year. What can I say? The rent was cheap, haha. I had a space heater going, even in the summer – which cannot be safe!

Anyway, for a chef like yourself, I’m sure you would find a lot of good uses for a cold storage room – I say, go for it!


13 Judith

I echo the others … I’d go for the cold storage if it’s feasible. There are so many advatages.
The pictures of the lot are beautiful! May the building be swift and safe, and may you and yours be happy and healthy in your new home!


14 Kelsey

Cold Storage is a great idea. I wish I had it! Whether you have your own garden or get you food from the farmer’s market/grocery store, cold storage can help extend the life of your food.

You might want to check this book out before deciding:


15 Jena

When hubby & I were house-hunting, we looked at (and seriously considered making an offer on) a house that had a wonderful cold storage room in the basement (which also had 10-ft-high ceilings). The cold storage was a huge draw for me; my mom & grandma always canned in the summer & fall–tomato sauce, snipple beans, jam, jelly, pie fillings & fruit–and I know that nothing canned I get from a store is going to top what comes out of my kitchen–but space was always an issue.

The house we did buy doesn’t have a room meant for cold storage, but I hope to include one in plans for improvements we’d like to make. In the meantime, I have a nice, cool kitchen and lots of cupboard space. And a closet in the basement I can use if I have to.


16 Beverley

What an exciting day for you. Hope you keep pictures of the build posted
Re uses for strawberries – daiquiris – virgin or otherwise – are delicious when made with fresh picked berries


17 ttfn300

woohoo! looks like a lovely spot, too :) i always wish i had more cold space… (be it an extra fridge or freezer) i don’t really know anything about building it into a house though!


18 katklaw777

Go for the cold storage!!!
We had a cellar in my childhood home and used it for everything. It was lined with brick and had shelves on all 3 walls of different heights. We stored canned foods, preserves, root veggies, winter squashes, pumpkins, onions, potatoes, apples, even our ripening green tomatoes. We kept our batteries and light bulbs in there too.(I am not sure why) It was always cold and dry in there and can remember being sent down to the cellar for many an item.(it was a little spooky, lol) I would love to have one and I do believe you would use it like crazy. Good luck with you new abode!!!


19 Pearl

yum! love homemade jam.
has anyone told you you remind them of chris daughtry?


20 Kath

Congrats Zest!!!

Yes to cold storage if it works.


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