Fundamentals of Photography Book Review and GIVEAWAY!!

by zesty on January 7, 2009 · 172 comments

It’s Giveaway Time! This month I have the pleasure of giving away 2 free books.  I am giving away a beautiful and wholly comprehensive how-to book for today’s photographers, FUNDAMENTALS OF PHOTOGRAPHY by renowned author, Tom Ang.

Novice or Advanced, Film or Digital, this book is your guide to everything photography related today.

Fundamentals of Photography – Book Review

When I received this book in the mail – I was really excited. I love free stuff not too mention I am really interested photography and learning how to improve my picture taking skills.  If this sounds like you – than this book will be perfect!

About the Book

Fundamentals of Photography, the Essential Handbook for Both Digital and Film Cameras, by Tom Ang is 352 pages long with a soft cover. The book contains 11 chapters filled with information and sample photos to demonstrate the topics covered. The chapters include a General Introduction, Fundamentals of Light, The Camera, Capturing Light, Using the Lens, Manipulating Light, Working with Color, Processing the Image, Digitizing the Image, Outputting the Image, and References.

Each chapter is broken up into small sections covering a very specific topic (as the sample above shows). Most of the sections span two pages (across the fold), so the topic can be studied without flipping through page after page — it’s at your fingertips.  Certain sections are also marked as “advanced topics” aimed at the photographers with a previous background. And finally, there are “Analysis” sections in some of the chapters that present a full image across the two pages.  This analysis includes many notes pointing out tips that were discussed in previous sections of the chapter — like a “tutorial” lesson.

The really cool thing about this book is the fact that it presents material for both digital and film photography.

About the Author

Tom Ang is an award-winning photographer and a leading authority on digital photography. His books include Dictionary of Photography and Digital Imaging, Digital Photographer’s Handbook, Photoshop CS for Photography, and How to Photograph Absolutely Everything. His work has been exhibited internationally, and for twelve years he was Senior Lecturer in Photographic Practice at the University of Westminster, London. He was the presenter for two six-part BBC programs on digital photography.

He has contributed regularly to magazines such as What Digital Camera? and The British Journal of Photography, and now writes for MacUser magazine. Tom won the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award for his photographic coverage of the Marco Polo Expedition, which pioneered the modern land crossing from Europe to China via Central Asia.

You can find Tom on the web at his main website.  This man has a wealth of knowledge, and I’d suggest you check out his website and any of his books.

Zesty’s Final Thoughts

I like it!  I definitely like it. My main reason for liking the book is because of its concise layout.  It gets to the point and doesn’t fool around. The book covers topics for all photography lovers as it is easy enough for a beginner, but interesting and useful enough for advanced photographers.  I would definitely recommend this book as a great read and a great reference.

Contest and Giveaway

How To Enter:

  • New and existing email subscribers will automatically get an entry on draw date.  Note that only verified subscribers count. (+1 entry)
  • Leave a comment telling me what kind of Camera you use. (+1 entry)
  • Earn an extra chance to win by linking back to this post on your own blog (if you have one). (+1 entry)  (please email me if you link back)

The Rules:

  • Please only 1 comment entry / person (please enter a valid email address).  Your email will be kept private and never given/sold to third parties.
  • Two winners will win a copy of “Fundamentals of Photography” book.

So let me know your camera name in the comments below!  A random generator will be used to pick the winner.  Contest will end at 5pm EST January 23, 2009.

I look forward to all your responses.  Have a great Wednesday!

Take care


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1 Mara

What a cool book! I use a Nikon S550 digital camera for my every day use, but when I’m doing my “real” photography stuff, I use a Minolta SLR from 1972. Its fully manual and takes the most beautiful pictures!

2 Tina

Fun contest! I use a Canon– unfortunately, it’s being fixed right now!

3 Maria

Awesome giveaway, thanks for being so generous!

I use an old-as-dirt Kodak. Can’t afford anything else right now, with college bills and such, but it does what I need it to, for now.

4 Erin

OOh that looks great! I’ll enter! My camera is a Canon Rebel XS. :)

5 Sarah

I have a Canon EOS Rebel XT SLR that I love, got it 3 years ago. But sadly its only 8MP.

I use regularly a Canon Powershot which is on its last leg. I’ve got my eye on a Canon Powershot G10 (14.7MP!!!!!!) to replace it.

6 Jenny Mannion

Hi Cory,
I use a Canon Powershot A590 IS. Thanks for the look at this excellent book! All the best!
Gratefully, Jenny

7 ttfn300

very kewl :) want to giveaway a camera, too? lol, mine is a sony cybershot

8 Jenna

I have a canon power shot that I love dearly! :) btw this is an awesome give away! that book looks really nice.

9 jojo

Hey! I use an Olympus which is old but I love, love , love it!

10 Jonah

Great giveaway!
I use a Nikon D50, Nikon 35mm (for when im in a film mood, can’t remember model), Holga, and a Lomo fisheye.

11 jennyb

i have a wonderful Panasonic TZ3 but am now extremely jealous that my technophobe mother has the TZ5 – but i guess at least i will know how to use mine! where as her main reason for getting it was the 3 inch LCD screen! lol!

12 VeggieGirl


13 Rose

I use an Olympus camera – it’s not perfect, but it gets the job done most of the time!

14 CajunChefRyan

Nice review and book too!
Two cameras we are now using, and both are digital:
Canon Digital Rebel XT
Kodak Easyshare CX6330

Older cameras:
Olympus OM 10
Konika Autoreflex T


CCR =:~)

15 Dorothy

I use a digital Canon. I like it, but just got it for Christmas & haven’t had much time to play around with it. This book looks awesome!

16 Rachel

What a fantastic giveaway and opportunity!!! I have a Canon Rebel XTI and I love it!! But I am always looking to grow and expand my knowledge in order to become a better photographer!
Thanks for the opportunity!!!

17 Talia

Is it sad that I dont know what type of camera I have? all I know it is a 7.2 megapixel one, and it takes adorable pictures of my daughter, although not pretty pictures of my food….

18 dean

I use a Nikon P60 to take panoramas. I also take a lot of pictures of bread for my flickr account.

19 JE

Hi Zesty-thanks for this opportunity! I used a Sony Cybershot but would love to get a more fancy/sophisticated camera!

20 Oh She Glows

ohhh awesome!

My camera is a Canon PowerShot SD800 IS

Eric and I also have a Canon SLR 30D. I would LOVE thsi book because I dont knowhow to use it properly!


21 The Other Jessie :)

I much as I wish to have the digital canon rebel XT, I cannot afford it right now. I’m using my good ol’ digital camera sony cybershot :)

22 MKM

I used a Sony DSLR camera.

23 MKM

oops, that should say I ‘use’ a Sony DSLR camera.
Sorry for the extra comment – you may delete this comment so that it doesn’t throw off the numbering of the comments.

24 Andrea [bella eats]

Great giveaway! I use a Canon EOS 5D digital SLR with Sigma lenses and an external flash. I’d love to win the book! :)

25 miche98

I just upgraded my camera and thinking of going into more semi-professional photography instead of plain point&shoot. Nice to see this book here.

26 Scott

Hi there, I use a Canon SD400 Digital Elph and have my eye on the Nikon D60. Thanks for the change to win the book!

27 miche98

I use Canon G9.

28 Missy (Missy Maintains)

My camera is a Sony Cybershot. I think it is time for a new one though!!

29 ergunm

My camera is Canon S5. I like it very much.. It is considered as the last step through SLR cameras.

30 AverageGal

What a fun contest! I love taking photos, but don’t take enough! I currently am using a Casio Exilim EX-S10 10.1 Megapixel Digital Camera.

31 At Home with Kim Vallee

I use a Nikon D50. I would like to upgrade to the D200 once I learned the basics. This book will come handy.

32 ashley (sweet & natural)

What a cool contest! I use a Casio Exilim that’s like 5 years old. I have to work to get good pictures out of it, especially considering I have no natural light in my apartment! But I love food photography (don’t we all), so this book would be very helpful. :-)

33 julz

AWESOME! RIght now I use a Canon SD880 IS, but am SO ready to upgrade!! I have been looking for one and partic. checking out some nifty SLRs :) Yayyyuhhhh.

34 Marianne

Woohoo for photography!

I’m all about the Canon’s. I’m currently using a Canon EOS Digital Rebel SLR. My point & shoot has died. I do still have my grandpa’s film SLR camera that I used for photography in school – it’s ancient, but works awesome!

35 Judy

Looks like a great book. I use a Panasonic Lumix. Not my dream camers but…

judy at nofearentertaining dot com

36 Sburg1985

I have a Canon Elph digital camera

37 MoFish

I use a Nikon CoolPix L15. It’s just OK…but it’s pink so that is fun!

38 Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

I have a Nikon D60. I just got it last fall after saving for quite a long time. I love it and I’d love to win that book!

Thanks for the opportunity.

39 Nick

That’s awesome Zesty. I just posted about my new Canon Rebel XSi DSLR Camera and mentioned your contest at the end. I could really use this book, I want to learn how to use this camera to its fullest potential. Thanks for the giveaway!

40 Prepared Mommy

I don’t even know what kind of camera we have (it’s digital) how sad is that?! Now, where is that camera case…oh yes, in the dining room. I’ll be right back…

…ok I’m back now. Looks like it’s a Fugifilm FinePix 3800 Digital Camera. Yay!

I’ve taken *a few* decent pictures with this little guy, and we’ve had it FOREVER. Many of the pictures that I take for my blog have to be altered in PSP or Photoshop to be worthy of internet use. Sometimes, it’s not very bright at all…even with the flash. I suppose most of my picture foibles are due to user error.

Thank you kindly for such a great giveaway!

41 Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter)

Hi-ya Zesty. I use a Canon digital camera. Not sure of the details as I don’t have it with me at the moment. My brother gave it to me for Christmas, and although it’s a bit bulky for carrying around all the time, I love it. It is capable of so much more than I use it for – guess I need to sit down and read the manual. :)

I’ve gotten so many compliments on my new blog header. You the best!

42 Shanan

I recently got a Canon Rebel XSi DSLR and would love to book to help me learn how to use it properly!

43 Heather

Hi Zesty Cook! I am currently using an Olympus Stylus 710. I like my camera a lot – and I would love to win the book, because I have been trying to work on my photography and I am sure this would help.

44 Patricia

I use a Nikon coolpix point and shoot camera–3 or 4 years old.

I LOVE Tom Ang’s books. I keep checking them out from the library. Would love to have my own. I agree with you–great format for his books.

I’m not on your email list but I do have you on my RSS feed.

45 Julie

Sony cybershot DSC T77!! It’s amazing :)

46 Jasmine

hey there! I would love to win that book, I just recently started a food/fitness blog. I am a pastry student and I am also trying to get in shape along the way…its really tough, but I figure it’ll happen if I work hard enough. I have a red Sony cybershot camera (DSC-T100), but my food pictures always turn out horrible! I have been trying lots of different angles and lightening, but haven’t figured it out yet =/

47 Liz

Found the link to your contest through kath eats dot com. Thanks to both of you!
I use a kodak M893.

48 Kelsey

I just got a Canon Digital Rebel XT and this book would be so helpful in learning how to use it to its full potential!

49 Mel

I use a Nikon D60. Best Christmas present ever!

50 Marlow

I use a Canon Powershot, but only on loan. I would LOVE my own!! This book looks awesome!! (fingers crossed)

51 Elise

Canon PowerShot SD 550. I plan to upgrade to digital SLR soon, though.

52 Sagan

This book looks awesome! I use an Olympus Stylus 700. I dream of one day having a DSLR.

53 lauren

I use an olympus – dont have it with me, so I am not sure of the model. I took a photography class in college, bought a nice camera, but then sold the camera cheap after the class because I was broke and needed beer money. :( I want it back. I really want a SLR! the book looks awesome – great contest!

54 Ang

I use a Canon PowerShot A560. I love it so much, it’s definitely the best camera I’ve ever had!

55 Kelsey

Wow! This looks likes a great read.
I use a Canon Powershot A520 and adore it. I got it a few years (!!!) ago and it still works like a charm.

56 Sharon

That is so cool! Awesome giveaway!
I have a Sony DSC W120.

57 TonyTony

I use an old Canon A-1. It was my dad’s in college, and he gave it to me, along with a bunch of lenses and equipment. Its a great camera, still works perfectly and I love it.

58 Mel

I have a Sony point and shoot dsc-w80, but I covet a Nikon d70. I’m saving my little butt off for one so when summer rolls around I’ll have it!

59 mckme4

I have a digital Canon Rebel XT. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to use anything except AUTO! I would love the book!

60 rachel

I have a Canon Rebel XS.

I am a “beginner”–I’d love to learn more!

61 Bridget

I am already an email subscriber! :)

I use a Canon SD870IS and its great, well it was great until it started acting up last week!!

62 The Running Yogini

I use a Kodak Easy Share, but she’s definitely a little worn out so I may be making an upgrade soon! The book looks really awesome!

63 Danielle

I currently use a Fuji A610 which I love but I’ll be in the market for a new camera in the next 9 months, I find that after 2 years the pictures slowly get worse, and you might not even notice!

64 Linda Iannone

I desperately need to upgrade my camera, but right now I have a Nikon Coolpix. The book looks great and I am linking this on my site.

65 Natalie

I use a Canon Powershot.

66 Angie

I would absolutely LOVE to have that book. I just got a new Canon Powershot SX110IS. It’s an excellent camera and I really would love to learn more about using it to its ability! :-) Please enter me :-)

67 Pearl

I don’t recall which camera I use! It’s a fujifilm and it’s green! LOL

68 Kathy_in_Colorado

digital Canon EOS Rebel
I’m thinking of getting another camera and have been browsing to see feedback on other digital cameras. Love your site!

69 Kath

I have a Canon SD880 – and I’m loving it!!!!!!!

70 Maggie

Great giveaway! I use a Fujifilm FinePix S700.


I have a NEW from Christmas Nikon D60 :)

72 Honeywell

I use a Canon A590

73 Emily

I have a sony and could really use some tips and tricks!

74 Gar

I’ve a Canon EOS for awhile. I love it. I wish I’ve more money to buy different lens as well. I love photography and I used to develop b&w photos back in high school. So fun!

75 Cloe

I just bought myself a Canon Powershot for Christmas and I *LOVE* it!

76 MrsMoney

I use a Canon DSLR. I love it! Thanks for the opportunity!

77 Kimberly

Both of my cameras are broken at the moment!! One of my new years goals is to seek out a new one – dying for a nice dslr.

78 Rachel

I just got a new Sony Cybershot point and shoot for Christmas, much better than the worn out Kodak Easyshare!

79 Jake

I use a Samsung NV20. Its great, but the new model looks even better! Cheers then..

80 Becca A

I use a Sony Cybershot that was a Christmas present from ’07. I’d like something else at this point though, or maybe I need some lessons!

81 Carl

I just stumbled across your web site, and I like what I am seeing!
I use an old Cannon Rebel GII and my Holga CF and 135BC.

82 Courtney

What a great contest! I’ve really been wanting to learn more about photography! I have a casio ex-v7. Thanks for this opportunity!

83 DMarti2620

I have a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi and I could really use this book!

84 CB

Oooh fun giveaway! I just got a Sony A200 for xmas so I am still in auto but I am hoping to learn more and more as time goes by. I bet this book would help ;) I hope I win!

85 sherry g

Right now I am using an HP Photosmart but am looking forward to my first REAL camera :)

86 Joy @ Five J's

My camera isn’t very fancy — a Kodak Z740. I do, however, covet various digital SLRs on a regular basis.

87 Jenn (eating bender)

Great review, Zesty! I use a Nikon Coolpix camera – love it :) I also am about to link to you on my blog, so be on the lookout!

88 carolinebee

Hey I just got the link from Eating Bender! I just got a Sony CyberShot for Xmas, it’s so great :D

89 Foong

Great giveaway. I use a Nikon Coolpix and I simply love the quality pictures I got out of it!
Hmmm…this reminds me, I’ve yet to announce the winners of my giveaway..heheheh…

90 deaconsbench

Hi, there! I’m just getting into a little photography as a hobby, and have a Kodak EasyShare Z1485 IS, with 14 megapixel, 5X zoom. All the best, David.

91 allenp109

I have a Canon PowerShot S1 Is

92 Julie H

Hi there! I got a Nikon D60 for Christmas and a couple lenses. I would love to win this book, have no clue what I am doing!! :) Thanks for the contest :)

93 melissa sue

i use a cannon powershot sd1000! it’s one of the best things i’ve ever bought!

94 Joanne

Hi there – I use a Canon PowerShot SD110 Digital ELPH as well as using the camera on my iPhone. Great site!

95 Teresa

I’m using a new Nikon D40 that I know absolutely nothing about. LOL!

96 tvpnyc

i’m using a D90– w/ an 18-200mm & a 50mm.

97 Laurie

Great giveaway since all of us foodies want to take better photos! I’ve even decided to sign up for a class next month to learn more about my camera, which is a FujiFilm Fine Pix S700 digital camera.

98 Meg

I have a Samsung S730, it works pretty well, but I have a new camera on my wish list!

99 hungrystudent

I use a Canon Powershot SX10IS. It’s by far the best digital I’ve been able to get my hands on and a dream to shoot with.

Excellent give away btw, this is really generating some buzz!

100 Rosalie

I use a digital casio exilim… my mom has a nikon that I *love*, so I think when I get a new camera it will be a nikon :)
thanks for the contest!

101 chasingdaylight

I use a Nikon D40 and a Canon Powershot SD800IS! I am very fortunate to have a large DSLR camera to take BEAUTIFUL pictures with and also a small point and shoot to conveniently carry around.

102 Jean D.

I use an old Kodak digital camera. I’m too embarrassed to whisper the model number in mixed company.

103 Suzanne B (Crunchy green Mom)

Right now I am using a digital camera of my boyfriends, I’ve found a LOVE of photography over the past year, and would love to start capturing moments, in my children, in the world around me… I want to have some kind of art left behind.

I just subscribed to your blog. Your broccoli, chicken and pasta dish was too good to pass up.. I’m in love!

104 April

I use the Nikon D80

I have posted a link on my blog, well I have it on two blogs. One is my cooking blog the other is a blog I belong to on Facebook (Nikon D80 group) that I am going to tell everyone about this great book.
Keeping my fingers and toes crossed. :o)

105 Jennifer

We just got a new Canon Rebel XSi. I’d love to learn how to take the best pictures ever. Thanks for the contest!

106 Shaiha

I use a Cannon Digital camera and I am horrible with it. I really need this book!

107 Natalie Rae

I just got a Sony digital for christmas!
Thanks for the contest!

108 lemongrassT

I have the Kodak EasyShare C633…what a great camera!:):)

109 Linda

We have a Nikon digital, and we LOVE the thing. It makes us look like we actually know how to take a good picture…but my husband and I know what the truth is. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book.

110 Biz

Hey Zesty – just checking up on my blog reading!

My new camera (thanks to my hubby!) is an Olympus Stylus 1010 (blue!). I don’t know 3/4 of the things it is capable of yet though!

I thought I wanted it because of the “cuisine” setting, but that setting always uses the flash, you can’t turn it off! But it has a super macro which I love!

I am thinking of taking a digital camera class so someone can teach me how to make the most out of my camera – this book would be very helpful!

111 Katie

I use a Kodak M753 – I got it for less than $100, but I love it. I’d really like to upgrade sometime soon…I just need to learn some more about photography first. This book sounds perfect for me!

112 megan

I use the Kodak M863. Just a convenient little point an shoot. I had a Nikon but I hated it. Now if I only had a book to help me. ;)

113 Kasey

Right now I just have a Canon Power Shot – it suits a lot of my “quick photo” needs. I also have a more expensive Sony something or other.

114 Sylvia

I use a Canon Powershot A710 IS 7.1MP 6X SLV RTL for most things. Sometimes I use my cell phone camera too! :) I would love to learn how to photograph better.

115 Neena

Cannon Elph

116 Lisa

I just received a new Canon Powershot for Christmas. I am not very technical so this ios perfect for me. I would love to win the book to help improve my photo taking.

117 Rajee

Great giveaway. I use Pentax K10 camera and I already subscribed ur blog.

118 AMY

I use a Fujifilm digital camera that my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas in 2006. I am so behind the times, but I love to take pictures and would love to have a book that would help me take better ones!

119 Giveaways Blog

Looks like a great book! Camera is Casio EX-Z20 Exilim.

120 Greek Food Recipes & Reflections

I received a Sony A300 for Christmas and am in the process of learning how to use it, so this book would be particularly helpful to me. :-)

Be Well,

Sam Sotiropoulos
Greek Gourmand

121 aphony

I use a Panasonic Lumix LX3 for my carry-around point and shoot. For more important shoots, I use a Canon 5D.

122 leslie

I love my Cannon Rebel xti!
I sooo need a photography book. I still cant grasp all the tricks to taking a good photo!!

123 ModelBehavior

I use a Cannon powershot and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Got it for Christmas from the boy, I would love to learn how to use it with this awesome book!

124 Maggie

This is a great prize! My camera is an Olympus Evolt E-510.

125 snooky doodle

I use canon powershot S3 IS .

126 Lindsey (Mrs. LC)

Fun giveaway! I use my husband’s camera, a Panasonic Lumix. :) it actually is a great little camera. Beyond the macro setting, it even has a specific “food” setting, which made me laugh. :) Plus it’s a slim camera, so it can fit in your purse/ pocket no problemo!

127 SmilynStef

I use a Canon Digital Rebel XT … thanks for the chance to win.

128 Krista

I have a Nikon D40 SLR that I am in love with. I am always looking for new ideas of pictures to take with it. I am thinking of starting a photography business so I would love any new books on photography! :)

129 Carla

I use Kodak CX7530. It’s not that great of a camera because I can’t take very good close-ups. Maybe this book could help me out?

130 DessertObsessed

i love tom ang!
i use a nikon d40!

131 juicebox mom

I have a Sony Alpha SLR camera, I’m just starting to learn, I’d love to win this book, thanks!

132 Karla

HI, I have a new Kodak Easy Share, but I’m having trouble with “easy share” part. I could use this book Thanks!

133 Kristen

panasonic lumix is my trusty camera.

134 veganlisa

I use a Olympus Stylus 790 SW.
I could really use some help to improve my photography. This book sounds like it would be able to move me up from the really amateur-looking shots I’m posting now.

135 Mizz Independent

I just blogged about the new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W150 I bought on sale the day after Christmas!

136 manda

I have been trying to find a good How-to photography for quite sometime.. Thanks for the opportunity.

137 Gina

what a great idea! my fav camera isn’t mine yet, I have to save up for it, right now I have two that get me by ;)
the older one is an hp photosmart M525, not a bad lil camera, but I wanted more mp, its a 6.0
my newer camera is a kodak M1033 HD its a 10 mp, and I really like it. (even if its not the big fancy one that I lust after lol)
one of these days I’ll get the one I want… ;)

138 Kebi Cedawna

Ooh, great giveaway, please count me in!
I currently use a Casio pink Exilim digital camera. It’s small, quick, and is great for taking pictures of my sweet nieces and nephew.

139 Jaime

great giveaway! i use a canon powershot sd1000

140 Chris

I use a canon. Thanks for the giveaway!

141 Lisa B.

Great giveaway! I use a Sony Cybershot DSC-T77.

142 For the Love of Peanut Butter

Hey zesty! I use a SOny SUPERSTEADY SHOT DSC-T100

143 Lynn

Sounds like a book I could really use. I use a Nikon D70.

144 Sophia

YAY for free giveaways! I use a Sony DSC-T5 which I bought on ebay. Still trying to get the hang of it, but I edit most of my pics on Picasa on my computer.

145 Katie

Pretty book! I use a Canon Powershot SD870. I love it, but I could definitely use some pointers in terms of technique!

146 teeni

Hmmm. Well, I’m already subscribed to you so I can drool all over my keyboard when I see your food pics on the monitor. But I’m not sure if I am a verified subscriber. Now you are getting all technical on me. Please let me know if I am or am not verified.

I like to think I can always learn new things. I haven’t got a clue about photography so count me in on the contest. My camera’s name is Lucky. Lucky that I haven’t dropped it and killed it like the last one I had. That one’s name was Unlucky. ;)

147 teeni

Oops. I thought you said camera name. Now I see you wanted the camera BRAND name. That’s very different. I use an Olympus. Feel free to amend my comment.

148 Nathan

I just got an Olympus FE-350 for quick shots. Works pretty well for most situations.

149 Christina

How fun! I’ve been in the habit of using a Sony Cybershot SLR 8.0 megapixel, but I just got a Canon Powershot 10.0 megapixel for Christmas. Both take great pictures, but are such different cameras.

150 Dane Deasy

I have two digital cameras. I use the 5D for my professional shoots and a Panasonic DMC-LX3 as my everyday point and shoot.

151 Lizzieunderpants

I just came across your blog today. All your recipes look fantastic. I love to cook, and love taking photos of food as well (some people think I’m strange, but I’m noticing more and more of them are doing the same).

I just bought myself the new Canon DSLR Rebel XSi. I’m still learning how to use it, and so far it’s been great. The book would help a lot!

152 gizmo56

I use a Canon SD880IS

153 Danielle

I’m a newbie to the grown-up camera scene, as I recently purchased a Canon Rebel! I love it already but could really use some tips from an expert. Thanks.

154 ktcruiser

I have a Canon Rebel as well as a Panasonic Lumix point-and-shoot.

155 Jamie

Looks like a great book. I have most recently begun my qwest to learn more about taking great photos. I currently use a Kodak ZD710 – decent camera but not as great as a SLR. Would love the capabilities that a SLR provides when taking shots.

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