Gardens….Herb, Flower and Vegetable 2012

by zesty on June 11, 2012 · 1 comment

Happy Monday.

This weekend was action packed with outdoor work.  We finally got our vegetable garden planted.  Although it was the exact same day we planted last year, for some reason it felt late.  I think just because the weather has been warmer earlier this year.  I am sure we are one of the last people to plant their garden – but it’s done!

Our flower garden(s) are coming along very nicely as are our herbs.  This year we are planting the herbs closer to the house as opposed to in the garden.  They will be closer for me to walk and get and I am hoping the shelter will help protect them a little bit as they are kind of delicate.  We planted a lot of mint as it deters the flies from coming around the house.

I was out early this morning snapping some pics to share with you so here they are.

Experimenting with a Tomato plant on the deck as well as 7-8 in the garden


The Garden! With a path in it this year... we are moving up.

Have a super Monday and I will be back on Wednesday as usual.

Take care


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