Getting Ready To Camp Out – Tell Zesty What To Cook!

by zesty on July 9, 2010 · 11 comments

Last day of work for a week and we are heading camping tomorrow! I have never been much of a camper my whole life really. We have camped a few times in tents growing up and even a few years back but I would always complain about something…. whether it be the unevenness of the ground I was sleeping on, the dampness in the tent, the bugs getting in or even the rain that would always penetrate the tent.

This year, Mrs. Zesty hooked us up in style.

Some might even say we are “Glamping“.  We are staying in a 36′ Wildwood Trailer minutes from the warm waters and white sand dunes of PEI’s amazing beaches.  I am pretty excited to just throw the feet up and relax but I am even more excited to cook all week for family and friends.  I have been preparing menu items for the last month or so  – trying to come up with some fun dishes to prep while on the camp site.  It seems like we will be equipped with a bbq, a fire pit,  propane cook top and an oven.  So it will be just like home.

Part of my plea to you today is to gather some meal ideas that i can incorporate into my menu.  Before I get your ideas, I will give you a quick list of what I came up with thus far.  Do not that one of our friends just eats chicken and vegetables…. and is allergic to all things fishy.

Zesty’s Camping Menu

  • Grilled chicken wraps with grilled vegetables and a sweet chili sauce
  • Grilled portabella mushroom topped with corn and mango salsa
  • Thai chicken wings on the grill – for sure!
  • Spinach and feta salad topped with fresh local berries and a balsamic vinaigrette
  • Open fire roasted chicken with a cranberry chutney
  • Super sweet potato skewers
  • Pan seared Croissant french toast topped with apple and pear compote and complete with fresh whip cream and maple syrup
  • Pork back ribs with molasses and hoisin served with a crunch slaw (I will have to eat meat)
  • Simple grilled pineapple with drizzled chocolate and roasted nuts
  • Roasted beer nuts with brown sugar, butter and fresh rosemary

That is a few of the things I had put together.  I am open for more interesting and fun ideas so fill the comments up and if I make one of your ideas… I will give you a shout out next week.  Sound fun?  I think so… so let’s do it.  I hope you have an awesome Friday and a great weekend.  I will talk to you all on Monday with a camping update.

PS.  The grass is growing so fast that it looks like we have to get off our butts and buy a lawn tractor.  I am not sure it can wait another week.

Take care


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