Grocery Item of the Week – Steam Ease

by zesty on September 18, 2008 · 4 comments

This week is another healthy addition in the grocery item of the week excitement. We have been buying these bags of goodness for a while now and I must say they actually taste good and are simple to prepare. Great for a quick vegetable as a side dish or adding into a casserole at the last minute.

The name says it all. Healthful, delicious vegetables steamed to perfection in just minutes – in your microwave. From freezer to table, quickly and effortlessly. No water, no chopping, no draining, no clean-up. It’s that easy.

The secret is in the bag. The innovative Omstead Steam Ease™ pouch works like a miniature pressure cooker. During cooking in the microwave, steam pressure builds up and the pouch inflates. Thanks to micro-pore technology, the pouch slowly releases steam while cooking, bringing out all of the colour, texture and taste of perfectly steamed vegetables every time.

You can’t get closer to fresh. Simply put, Omstead Steam Ease™ vegetables taste great – like steamed fresh vegetables. No matter what season it is, you can be enjoying the taste of your favourite steamed vegetables in minutes.

Health-Check program. Omstead Steam Ease™ products are the first frozen steamed vegetables in Canada to participate in the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Health Check program.
After a little more research with Omstead, it looks like this product may only be available in Canada. I am assuming that it may soon be in the US or maybe it is already. If not – I can only assume there are similar products like this…

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1 Megan

I frequently use a line, of “microwave steamers
called SteamFresh that even has single serve bags. They are so easy and the veggies taste fresh every time. They just came out with full meals that steam in the bag. I am jealous though, looks like that brand has butternut squash. I haven’t seen that yet around here!


2 ttfn300

yeah, birdseye has had steamfresh veggies out for awhile, with green giant following. now they’re adding rice to these steaming options!


3 Nick

Yea, we have StreamFresh in the US. They are easy but what annoys me is how much more expensive they are than a regular bag of veggies. Price per lb wise, it’s not really worth it considering you can just empty them into a casserole dish with 2T of water and put it in the microwave. For 20 seconds of time, it’s not worth the extra $1, but that’s in American currency which will soon be worth almost nothing anyways. Hmm, maybe I should stock up then….


4 Genny Niemeier

Wow I have to say this is great. Even writing that post must have taken you a seriously long time. Thanks for your effort!


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