Guest Post: Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces

by zesty on December 22, 2010 · 1 comment

Happy Wednesday!  Time is winding down before the holidays and I have a very special post to share with you today.  Not only is it a cool recipe but the story behind the recipe and the life change of Andrew is what really is inspiring.  So have a read through the story and by all means take some time to visit to get more ideas for keeping your food simple.

After years of suffering through a nasty case of colitis, a disorder that left me with bleeding intestines, pain, and all kinds of problems in the bathroom, I discovered that if I stuck to a diet of only raw fruits and vegetables it disappeared like it was never there. This amazing improvement lead me to start to share with others that renewed vitality and health are only a dietary change away.

Yep, you heard me right, I only eat raw fruits and vegetables – bit staid for a cooking blog, eh?  Well I eat LOTs, of fruits and vegetables, volumes that would probably stagger the mind of most people. My nightly salad usually consists of 1-3 heads of lettuce or some other leafy green with other vegetables for fixings.But prior to going raw I was a salad dressing fiend. I could never eat greens without drenching them with some oil-based dressing.

As I became aware of just how much diet affects us mentally and physically, I decided to stay clear of high fat, processed dressings. This forced me to figure out how to make delicious ones out of whole fruits, vegetables, and herbs, without any of the salt or toxins you’ll find in store-bought brands.After years of experimenting, I decided to share what I’d learned, and recently published my ebook, Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces. The idea is pretty straightforward – if you want to be healthy you’ve got to eat lots of raw vegetables, but you’ll sabotage your healthy meal by dousing them with health-damaging dressings. On the other hand, eating them plain isn’t too appetizing. I show you that there’s another, very tasty alternative.

In the book I not only show you how you can make low fat, healthy dressings on the fly using ingredients you probably have on hand or can get at any supermarket, but explain in detail why salt, oil, vinegar, and other ingredients found in many dressings are harmful. Although the book is about teaching you to come up with your own dressings, I give you eight of the best ones I’ve created myself. These eight are delicious and healthy, and have become staples of my raw food kitchen.

Cory was nice enough to invite me to share one of my recipes with you guys, and I’m happy to do so.  It’s called Corn Medley, and is one of my perennial favorites:


  • 4 ears of corn
  • Juice of 1/2 a lime
  • 1 large tomato
  • Cilantro (to taste)


  1. Cut the corn from three ears and place that corn in the blender.
  2. Squeeze in the juice of the lime. Add cilantro to taste. Blend this until smooth.
  3. Now slice up the tomato into smaller pieces and place it in the blender (on top of what’s already there) along with the corn cut from the last ear.
  4. Blend this on low with the tamper until the tomato and corn have been rendered into small chunks.

A Note About Corn: Many people don’t know that corn ripens in reverse of the way most fruits and vegetables do. While most produce proceeds from predominantly starch to predominantly sugar as it ripens, corn has its highest sugar concentration when first picked and quickly starts to turn to starch. If you want high-quality corn, find a farmer or store that will sell you just-harvested ears and then quickly use that corn before it loses its flavor and easy digestibility.

You can learn more about Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces here.  Thanks again Andrew for opening my eyes to raw dressings.  I know I will be trying some of these in the very near future.

Have a super Wednesday and get shopping.

Take care


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