How about a Lobster buffet?

by zesty on August 18, 2008 · 1 comment

New Glasgow Lobster Suppers – New Glasgow PEI

This restaurant has been serving lobster since 1958. The restaurant has its own lobster pound on the premises. Meals include fresh lobster, rolls, chowder, mussels, salad, desserts and beverages.  Not too mention – all you can eat!  I had a field day with the mussels ( if only the lobster was all you can eat).

Their system of paying before you are seated takes the guesswork out of the process. The dinner was a thunderous bargain for the money.

They were attentive, and sat us at a table of our choosing. The waitress was there in a flash to take our tickets, and the order for our drinks. First off the buns baked in a muffin type pan, they were big, light, fluffy and very tasty not to mention warm from the oven.

The all you can eat mussels, with the drawn butter were great, and the refills we had made us think we would not eat our lobster, but we did. After the mussels came the homemade seafood chowder and beef barley soup. I went with the chowder – I must say it was delicious. After the starters came the salads – coleslaw, potato salad and garden salad – very tasty but just a preliminary to the big dance.

The lobster was next. It was hot, juicy and cooked just right. The shell was cracked in the right spots, making a shell cracker unnecessary.

Then came the desserts.  All you can eat pie, cake, ice cream and frozen yogurt. They were homemade and wonderful.

 I had to try a couple of desserts just to make sure they were good!  I went with a couple of old classics – Lemon Meringue Pie and Strawberry Shortcake.  The Lemon pie was excellent and a table favorite where as the shortcake was just fair.

We almost rolled out of there with the quantity of quality food we had… Absolutely Delicious

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