I scream for Ice Cream!

by zesty on June 26, 2009 · 37 comments

Friday is here and I am so happy!  What a week!  Remember last Friday I talked about my/your favorite candy.  Well I had a lot of fun reading your responses and it inspired me to do a slight variation of it today.


Ice cream!  I love ice cream but I tend to consume it more in the summer than in the winter.  So lets talk about what kind of ice cream you like and in what forms.  I am a huge sucker for ice cream sundaes, ice cream sandwiches and ice cream desserts.  As a kid I used to love ice cream sandwiches at school and I really never grew out of it.

So all I have for today is this “ Tell me you favorite Ice Cream” whether it be flavor, type or style.  I want to know.

Have a great Friday and an excellent weekend.

Take care


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1 eatlivetravelwrite

Haagen Dasz honey vanilla – hard to find in the States apparently and impossible in Canada – when I moved here 10 years ago you could sometimes find it but now.. no luck


2 Susan

Dear eatlivetravelwrite,

I found this link that may or may not help


scroll to the bottom

there’s a box called flavor finder

select flavor (yours is listed as “vanilla honey bee”)

enter zip code

click “find it”

for my zip code it listed 5-10 stores that carried the flavor

maybe a neighboring city either side of the border could be worth the trip to buy it


3 brandi

i love a good mint chocolate chip – it has to be green!

and lots and lots of ben and jerry’s flavors :)


4 Gina

I love all types of ice cream, I am an addict, I swear. Flavors with chocolate and peanut butter are my favorites. I love ice cream sandwiches too. I like them when they are a bit soft and SLIGHTLY melted. yum.


5 Pigpigscorner

I loooove ben and jerry’s half baked. lots of cookie dough and brownie pieces in my ice-cream =)


6 Sues

There’s no way I could ever pick- it totally depends on my mood!! But I generally love cookies and cream, mint choco chip, and black raspberry! ice cream sandwiches are also quite nice!


7 Leah

Zesty, I am a die hard for Coconut Milk Ice Cream. I can’t go back to the regular stuff now! It’s so creamy and delicious and rich! You don’t need much to satisfy you! I can’t remember the brand, but my favorite flavor is cherry amaretto. The ingredient list is an amazing thing to look at. It’s all natural, sweetened with agave nectar! Yum! Now I want some!


8 Abby

I limit the ice cream consumption, but you HAVE to have some in the summer. Never really a fan of eating the quart kind out of the home freezer, my absolute favorite treat is a huge choc/vanilla soft serve twist with sprinkles.

If I’m going with hard ice cream, you gotta give love to the Cookies-n-Cream. Then there are the flurry creations that are nothing less than sinful (and a once-a-year treat)–Health, PB Cup and Oreo are my favorites.

However, there is something to be said for the traditional ice cream sandwich, the Klondike Oreo bar and a good chocolate toffee coated ice cream bar. Simple and delicious!


9 Kate

I’ve had to seriously curtail the intake of ice cream now that I avoid dairy (for lactose issues) but I still do enjoy it when I want to take the chance of a tummyache. My favorite has always been mint chocolate chip, and I love black cherry ice cream, Dreamsicles, Fudgesicles and Ice Cream sandwiches. I love getting the cakey part of an ice cream sandwich stuck to my fingers. Dreamsicles are amazing- and Fudgesicles……gahhhhh.


10 Danielle C.

Oh boy, I can’t ever pick a favorite. It really depends on my mood, if I buy a bigger tub at the grocery store I usually get Neapolitan because it is good for indecisive people like me. :)


11 Michele

Schwans Maple nut or Cherry nut. Both remind me of my Grandma. She always had big pails of them in her freezer.


12 Rachel

pistachio is wonderful, i love ben & jerry’s pistachio pistachio, also peanut butter, really anything with nuts EXCEPT black walnut, chocolate sorbet, and tart frozen yogurt with honey


13 Tineke

Edy’s Slow Churned Mint Chocolate Chip! Yum!


14 Susan

Turkey Hill Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!! Or Dairy Queen’s vanilla soft serve. Yummmmm, I love ice cream, and eat it in moderation…every day.


15 Amanda

I love ice cream sandwiches too, but I eat them so fast!

I actually am pretty addicted to ice cream, in all honesty. I eat a little at the end of every day! Lately, I’ve been on a fudge bar kick, but I like a simple bowl of ice cream as well. My fave flavors are coffee, butter pecan, and chocolate-chocolate-chip!


16 eatingRD

I don’t really like ice cream ever since I got the taste of frozen custard. There is just no comparison! But, to help my waist line (ha!) I really like frozen yogurt because it’s smooth and creamy, but still a little less caloric. I like to top mine with fresh fruit, mochi and something with chocolate and/or peanut butter (my fav combo). I tend to eat a lot more frozen desserts in the summer too.


17 katklaw777

Give me Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey or Wavy Gravy are to of my favs!
Cherry Garcia runs a close third. Oh just move me to Vermont. lol


18 Caroline

There was a time when I was a total chocolate chip cookie dough kind of girl, but I have since moved onto better things: peppermint carob vegan ice cream. SO GOOD!


19 Julia Mason

Summertime means fresh peach ice cream , hand churned to me. I absolutely love it. Green mint chocolate chip is a very close second favorite.


20 Ashley

I am an ice cream fanatic. I cycle through favorites, and right now I am loving B&J’s Americone Dream.

Have you ever tried Skinny Cow products? Their fudge bars are the best I have ever had. No, really. We’re not talking “best diet food” good, I mean best-best.


21 Tyler (Raspberry Runner)

Favorite icecream?! That’s such a hard question! If I had to pick, I think I would say Ben and Jerry’s One Sweet Whirled (carmel swirls, fudge peace signs, and toffee cookie pieces!). But I also really love coffee ice cream :)


22 Marianne

Generally speaking, I don’t discriminate against ice creams. Unless they are minty – I draw the line there. But you will usually find me picking some sort of chocolate concoction, because well, chocolate freakin’ rocks.


23 Sarah

My favorite is probably some combination of chocolate and peanut butter but I love so many its impossible to choose!


24 Aaron

Hands down my favorite is Peanut Butter Banana ice cream from Marble Slab!! MMMmmm…


25 Kath

Cake batter, hands down.

With oreos. Or heathbar. Or snickers. Or cookie dough.


26 Jena

B&J’s Dublin Mudslide. I haven’t seen it here in BC, though. (Hubby says that’s because it contains Irish cream in the ingredients.)


27 Susan

I found a link that may be helpful (it’s from B&J’s site…ice cream by mail)


https://icecreamsource.3dcartstores.com/Shop-Ice-Cream-Pints_c_153.html (Dublin Mudslide is listed on this page)



28 meg

My all time favorite would have to be the vanilla peach ice cream my dad used to make with the fresh peaches from the tree in our backyard. Aside from that…I am a Cookies and Cream girl.


29 Kristie

Oh gosh I don’t have a specific favourite but anything nice and chocolatey immediately wins me over, especially if it has some kind of texture variety – like brownie chunks! Chocoholic over here.


30 Cammy@TippyToeDiet

Actually, I’m liking frozen yogurt these days, especially peanut butter or chocolate peanut butter.

Well shoot. Now I’ve got to go have some. :)


31 Kim

i don’t even like peaches – but i LOOOOOOOOOOVVE homemade peach ice cream. here in the south – ya gotta love it!



32 How's it Taste?

It is/was Ben & Jerry’s Dilbert ice cream- too bad they don’t make it anymore. : (
Generally, though, premium vanilla ice cream with lots of nuts in it, of any kind, and preferably chocolate coated (at least, some of them).


33 Jessie

Rainbow flavoured ice cream is the best, and just last week I tried cream brulee ice cream and it was so delicious I love anything caramel/honeycomb mmmm


34 Lara (Thinspired)

Oooh, I haven’t had a real ice cream sandwich in years! I love Ben and Jerry’s (any flavor, but especially Oatmeal Cookie) and Cake Batter from Cold Stone!


35 Susan

I enjoy mocha almond fudge, coffee, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream flavors. I truly enjoy homemade ice cream, but haven’t experimented much beyond vanilla. I would appreciate a good resource for homemade ice cream recipes for electric ice cream makers. Thanks.


36 truepenny

I don’t know if it counts, but pistachio gelato is definitely my favourite!

Though I do love most ice creams with any combination of chocolate, nuts, caramel and coffee.


37 Ruby Red

Right now my favorite ice cream is Purely Decadent’s (with coconut milk) Mocha Almond Fudge! Coconut, almond, chocolate, and coffee are SO perfect together.
My favorite classic flavor is mint chocolate chip. The ice cream line I just mentioned also does a pretty great Mint Chip! I have an ice cream machine at home but I am lazy and love spending too much money, so I buy pints at the store, like, all the time. :)


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