Kashi and Nutella?

by zesty on May 10, 2010 · 10 comments

Do you ever sit down in front of the laptop and think… good god I could write for days and days but I am so scatter brained that your not sure it will make sense?  This is how I feel right now.  I am sitting here on Sunday evening getting this post in the hopper for tomorrow morning and I am completely exhausted.  I will not get into to many details on why the exhaustion but nonetheless I feel that I could crash on the asdf keys as I type.

On Thursday I feel that I may have created the most amazing snack in the history of snacks and I am a bit pumped to share it with you.  After I took a bite and thought about it for a while – I realized that this may not seem that amazing when it is written out buuuuuuuuuuuut – when you sink your teeth into this flavor combination I am pretty sure you will go off the charts.  Now this requires absolutely no talent and takes all of 45 seconds to whip up.

Without further a do – I present you with the KASHI meets NUTELLA experiment.

I love kashi bars… well certain flavors – the mocha chocolate is my least favorite but I do enjoy the seven grain almond that I am featuring today.  I smear a little nutella on the end before I bite into and ummmm WOW.  That is all I can say.  Normally I find the kashi bars a bit on the dry side and I usually have to guzzle a glass of water to wash it down but the little addition of the hazelnut chocolate love in a jar does wonders for the experience.

I truly urge you to try this.  It does not have to be Nutella by any stretch as it could be any of your favorite nut butters that you like.  I just think the combination of chocolate on this kashi bar may have changed my snack outlook foreva.

What is your favorite Kashi Bar?

House News

Remember a while ago I posted the finished house pictures of the interior.  Well I am happy to say we are forging ahead on some outside work.  The back deck is pretty much complete at this stage and we are working on final grading, walkways choices, landscaping ideas in anticipation to the grass seeding in the coming weeks.

Have a great Monday and I look forward to hearing from you on the Kashi bar question.

Take care


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1 Joanna Sutter (Fitness & Spice)

Wow! That is quite a recipe! ;-) Actually…that is MY kind of recipe. Some things just belong together, don’t they? ;-)


2 Jessica @ How Sweet

That just looks sinful. And I LOVE it.


3 Courtney @ Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

Yumm! I don’t usually buy the kashi bars, BUT I do enjoy dipping their honey sesame crackers into peanut butter! Now nutella…that’s a whole different story! I may just have to try that one ;)


4 eatmovelove

Oh my God!!! I soooo totally put nut butters on all my bars by the bar, but I love the visual :)


5 Danica

I completely agree with you!!! I put Nutella on EVERYTHING – try it some time on chocolate – chocolate-chocolate rocks!!!! It’s really good on cookies or just straight up too….I guess what I am saying is that yup….Nutella makes everything AMAZING!!! :D


6 DailyChef

I love nutella! Kashi + nutella = heaven.


7 HoneyB

I’ve been known to just eat Nutella from a spoon (or my finger!) lol. Hope you can get some mind relaxation! I know the feeling your talking about.


8 Aggie

Nutella is not safe in my home!!! This looks perfect!


9 Marianne

The dark chocolate coconut Kashi bar is my favourite, hands down. Chocolate & coconut = excellent.

Your snack reminds me of my cousin’s wife’s new favourite snack – brown rice cakes with nutella. But really, what isn’t made better with the addition of nutella?


10 pegasuslegend

Nutella and coconut wow~!


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