Last Minute Shopping Ideas…. Help!

by zesty on December 24, 2009 · 11 comments

Happy Christmas Eve! I am just stopping in for a few minutes as you can well imagine I am way behind schedule for Christmas Eve. I am happy to say we moved into the new house last night and it was great! Once we get everything set up – I will be sharing a house tour with you all – we are pretty excited.

With all that said – I need your help. I have to run to work for a bit this morning but after that I need to finish some shopping. Enter you… what do you have in mind for some last minute gift ideas ( the gifts can be big ). I need to get something nice for my Mom and Dad as well as I need to get some stuff for Mrs. Zesty as well as a few little stocking stuffer ideas.


Items that I have been pondering:

  1. Upright Freezer
  2. Leather Recliner
  3. A Wii and wii fit ( for Mrs. Zesty ) – I doubt she is reading this
  4. I am stuck…

Do you have anything other ideas I could buy.  I need you to write them in the comments really fast since I will be shopping in a few hours.  Lurkers, regulars and new readers alike…. help me out please if you have time.  I will keep you posted on what I pick up and I hope you have a super Christmas Eve.

The food line-up for tonight includes homemade meat pie, maybe some festive sweets, and likely some treats.  What do you like to eat on Christmas Eve?  Have a great day and be safe.

Take care


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1 Pam

Zesty, what are some favorite products or food products that they normally buy? sometimes I just like to do this for someone that has everything!

Hope this helps and Very Merry Christmas to your family and you!



2 Sarah

I think something for the new house! Maybe a piece of furniture, art, an appliance… Happy Christmas Eve!


3 Gina

the Wii and Wii fit are awesome, I have them and love them! (I’m a mom of two young children and I still find time for them ;)
my fav thing I received from a family member was a ‘night out’ package, it had a few movies, drinks, movie type snacks, popcorn, all together in a basket. I’ve also received and indoor picnic version for a romantic night for the hubs and myself…and I plan to make him one soon!


4 Amanda

I bet Mrs. Zesty would like a gift certificate for some kind of pampering, ie. manicure, massage, facial. Who doesn’t like that kind of stuff?
ps. Was the wii fit her idea? Because she might get the wrong idea and think you are unhappy with her current fit-nezz.


5 Hanna

I personally like to receive gift certificates (especially big ones) so I can choose what I want… I also enjoy tickets to shows and museum memberships. I don’t think I’d mind getting one of those Wii and Wii Fits, but make sure she won’t get insulted that you are commenting on her weight! Good luck!


6 Kari

Zesty,.. can you please get Mrs. Z a Wii for Xmas and your fav cousin can come over to try it out…..!!
Enjoy the festivities over the next few days and enjoy the house…


7 Marianne

Oh Zesty – I can’t believe you are still Christmas shopping! It’s Christmas Eve! Good luck to you out there :D


8 Jennifer

A Wii and a Wii Fit is a great gift. My Costco had a ton of Wiis for less than retail, I didn’t notice the price of the Fit, probably slightly cheaper. I’m sure the Wii would be enjoyed by all your whole Christmas Day & for a long time.

For stocking stuffers: I requested a couple pairs of Smartwool socks. Or some nice hot cocoa or tea?


9 Julia

What about a new camera for Mrs Zesty? A coupon for a night out on the town for the parents or a spa treat for the Mrs


10 Erin from long island

I would say go to a place like bath and body works. They have stuff in all sizes from mega baskets to trial sized. I used to work there, so I know. What women doesn’t like yummy scented body products?


11 Koozies

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