Milk and Alternatives with a Pop Quiz

by zesty on December 15, 2009 · 5 comments

According to the latest Community Health Survey, on average we consume just over one portion of Milk and Alternatives per day.  That is not even close to the recommended daily intake for each age group:


  • Children 2-3 and 4-8 need 2 servings
  • Children 9-13 and teens 14-18 need 3-4 servings
  • Adults 19-50 need 2 servings
  • Adults over 50 need 3 servings

Milk products are our best natural source of calcium and they contain up to 16 essential nutrients that contribute to a healthy body.  I think milk products are even better than most people realize.  A balanced diet that contains enough Milk and Alternatives is associated with healthy bones, healthy blood pressure, and a positive outlook on life.


With all the chatter of milk and alternatives I thought it would be fun to have a little quiz.  I am going to throw down 5 questions below and you let me know in the comments if they are true or false.  I will tell you all the answers tomorrow.  I think this might be a fun way to interact so make sure you tell all your friends and maybe even post it on your blog or mention it on twitter/facebook.


Pop Quiz

Answer TRUE/FALSE in the comments to participate in the Quiz.

  1. One string of cheese gives you less than half of serving
  2. Two 100g single-serving containers of yogurt are just a little more than one serving
  3. It takes almost 25 milkettes in your coffee to equal a serving
  4. The milk people put on their cereal usually adds up to about a half of serving only
  5. A 500ml container of flavored milk equals 2 servings

I hope you have a great Tuesday and I will for sure talk to you tomorrow.  I have a fun announcement this week once all the details get ironed out.

Take care


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1 Gena

Oh, my friend. We will have to agree to forever disagree about big bad dairy :-)

Can I send you almond milk for xmas? ;-)


2 Julie

The most important thing is the calcium, as most preadolescents do not get enough calcium at a time when their bones are growing and achieving most of their density. Sites like can help kids and parents see if they’re getting enough calcium.


3 Marianne

1. F
2. T
3. Unsure….I want to go with T.
4. T
5. T


4 Evan Thomas

Oh boy, I feel like this is one of those questionaires where everything you want to be false is true. I really hope 2 is false because yogurt is definitely my biggest intake of dairy


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