Pass the Tape!

by zesty on May 19, 2009 · 20 comments

Does anyone love packing?  I must say that I’m not a huge fan but that is what I spent all day Monday doing and it wasn’t all that bad.  I think it helps when you have great help, are very organized and have the drive to get things done.  Yesterday in my mind was a huge success in the packing department.  We conquered pretty much the whole kitchen minus a few dishes to help us survive for the next two weeks.

So what does that mean?  The zesty kitchen is now useless.  I wondered if that would hinder the blog, but my answer is ” Zesty goes on the road”.  I am going to use other peoples kitchen to bring more zesty goodness in the next little while.  Do you think that is a good idea?  I thought so – so look out family members zesty may invade your kitchen.


Now with all this packing meant no real food all day.  Well that is actually not true.

I thought we would order some pizza to have for lunch.  We chose Dominos and it was actually quite good.  We went with two large pizzas with two toppings. The first pizza had pepperoni and mushrooms while the second had Ham and Pineapple.  I really enjoyed the ham and pineapple slice where I found the pepperoni and mushroom to be a tad on the salty side.  It was a quick fix to fill the stomach and keep on packing.

Random packing and pizza shots throughout the day.





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1 Shelby

Pineapple on pizza is the best!


2 marisa (trim the fat)

I have never tried pineapple on pizza! Putting that on the list of things to try ;)

Ugh.. packing is not so fun!


3 ttfn300

good luck with the packing, it is not my favorite thing to do either!!


4 Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food)

Yum, pizza is the best! I like ham and pineapple pizza, but I love pepperoni and mushrooms pizza!


5 brandi

packing + pizza looks like a good day to me :) i hope things are going well!


6 Savor

Hello Zesty! Love the look and I keep seeing your face all over comment secitons. Where are you moving? Gret luck and eats.


7 carolinebee

haha, packing makes me realize how much CRAP i need to purge from my life! It’s fun to go through random things and find long lost things! I love domino’s, but fave order-out pizza chain is prob Papa Johns


8 Angie

The ham and pineapple pizza looks delicious! good luck!


9 Melissa @ For the Love of Health

Good luck packing! Looks like you are doing a wonderful job! I hate packing! I have to move in about 2 months so I am seriously contemplating starting now- or at least purging and organizing!

Pizza looks good BUT you can absolutely make something better! I bet you are looking forward to getting your new kitchen set up!


10 Rose

Good luck with packing! I am a fan of organized packing – makes unpacking a lot easier!


11 Joanne

If you lived closer, you could certainly use our kitchen with the stipulation that we get to eat all those GREAT dishes you come up with.
Good luck with the move.


12 CaSaundra

Packing can be gruesome work but thankfully you had pizza to help make it go a tad bit better! Pineapple/ham is one of my fav combos!! Haven’t had Dominos in a really long time though!


13 Megan

I’m in the middle of moving right now too. And though I’m a very organized person, I have no motivation to finish sorting through all of my stuff! Luckily I’ve already moved all of my kitchen stuff over to my new place — there was quite a lot to move.

And Hawaiian pizza is wonderful! It seems weird to combine pineapple with pizza, but it works. I’ve also had it in omelets — also very good!


14 Pearl

haha zesty – even dominoes looks great on your blog! :)


15 megan

I LOVE pizza! And no matter how many wonderful variations of pizza (healthy and not so healthy) you can make homemade, sometimes a nice dinner of takeout pizza is exactly what you need! yum :)


16 eatingRD

I actually hate packing, but I guess doing it every year for the past 7 years gets a little old! That’s awesome you got so much accomplished. We had to eat out a lot when we were moving too. It’s fun, but it’s so nice to have normal, home-cookin’ again!



17 pigpigscorner

I hate packing! And I enjoy takeaway pizza if I feel too lazy to cook.


18 Sarah Parker

My husband loves to have pizza with pineapple and jalepenos. It is fabulous! Moving blows! We are getting ready to move too!


19 Marianne

I think that’s how my packing week will go when I move in August – or at least, it should, because that pizza looks awesome right about now!


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