Pass the Tape!

by zesty on May 19, 2009 · 20 comments

Does anyone love packing?  I must say that I’m not a huge fan but that is what I spent all day Monday doing and it wasn’t all that bad.  I think it helps when you have great help, are very organized and have the drive to get things done.  Yesterday in my mind was a huge success in the packing department.  We conquered pretty much the whole kitchen minus a few dishes to help us survive for the next two weeks.

So what does that mean?  The zesty kitchen is now useless.  I wondered if that would hinder the blog, but my answer is ” Zesty goes on the road”.  I am going to use other peoples kitchen to bring more zesty goodness in the next little while.  Do you think that is a good idea?  I thought so – so look out family members zesty may invade your kitchen.


Now with all this packing meant no real food all day.  Well that is actually not true.

I thought we would order some pizza to have for lunch.  We chose Dominos and it was actually quite good.  We went with two large pizzas with two toppings. The first pizza had pepperoni and mushrooms while the second had Ham and Pineapple.  I really enjoyed the ham and pineapple slice where I found the pepperoni and mushroom to be a tad on the salty side.  It was a quick fix to fill the stomach and keep on packing.

Random packing and pizza shots throughout the day.





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