Ridiculously Raspberry…. French Toast!

by zesty on August 20, 2010 · 5 comments

Officially it is Friday and I am getting tired…. but I still have some gas in the tank. Today is an action packed day. As this get’s published, I am on my way to my aunts to get settled in for the biggest parade of the year. The Gold Cup and Saucer Parade! The kids will love it as they always do. After the parade we are heading back to the Zesty Aunt for a big barbecue with family and friends. Can you really beat a barbecue? I think not! After the barbecue, I guess we have to suck it up and head home and clean the house a bit. We are hosting a party here on Saturday for my zesty niece…. as she is heading off to School out of province.

I still haven’t come up with the menu for Saturday’s party but I have some time. One thing I did come up with was a delicious raspberry topped french toast that will make your cheeks pucker. And it is EASY! The sauce and the bread makes this dish!  I went with some leftover baguette.


  • Thick sliced bread
  • 2 Eggs
  • 4 Tbsp. White milk
  • Hint of Vanilla
  • Raspberries
  • 3 Tbsp. White Sugar
  • Dash of Balsamic vinegar
  • few sprigs of mint
  • Butter for pan


  1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees and preheat heavy frying pan ( cast iron is excellent) to medium heat
  2. Slice the bread, crack and beat the eggs in a bowl, add milk and vanilla.
  3. In the heated pan, add the butter.
  4. Dip the bread into the egg and milk mixture and ensure it is nicely coated.
  5. Place in pan and cook on both sides until golden brown.
  6. In a separate pan, heat to medium and add the raspberries, balsamic and sugar.  Cook down gently until some raspberries are broken down.  Top with a few more raspberries and fresh mint after it cooks down for 6 minutes.
  7. Plate the french toast and top with the sauce.
  8. ENJOY!

Zesty Tip: The biggest thing with french toast is keeping it hot while you prep the sauce and cook enough for everybody.  The one technique I use is to place it in a very low oven once it is complete.  Turn the oven on to 200 degrees F and let it rest in there while you prepare enough for everyone.

Alright, I have to try and get my head wrapped around that my vacation is over and it is back to the real world on Monday.  I am sure I will figure it out and I will be back with you on Monday morning as well.  Have a super weekend.

Take care


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