Sick of Packing and a Big Question!

by zesty on May 25, 2009 · 42 comments

Holy Cow!  Did I ever tell you that I hate packing?  Well I hate packing. But I must say we are on the homestretch now and we are within a week of moving out of our place.  With that said, we still have a lot to do and the days seem to be going by at mach speed.

I am afraid this post may be slightly boring as I didn’t cook anything this weekend.  Nothing!  We had some pizza again, chicken wraps, left over pizza, out for breakfast and some left over pizza again.  Wow after reading that now I know why I may be putting on a little weight.

So in looking back to Friday’s blog makeover giveaway post – I want to thank you for being so positive.  I didn’t know what the feedback would be like so I was really glad to see the overwhelming response.

Big Question Time

I wanted to ask an interesting question that I have always tossed around in my head and at different times I come up with a different answer.  So here goes:

If you were stuck on a desert Island for a period of 6 months and you were only allowed to choose one food with unlimited supply with you – what would you bring?

I am dying to see your answer in the comments – and for me the answer would have to be BREAD!

Sorry for the lame post but i promise you – they will get better.

Take care


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