Sick of Packing and a Big Question!

by zesty on May 25, 2009 · 42 comments

Holy Cow!  Did I ever tell you that I hate packing?  Well I hate packing. But I must say we are on the homestretch now and we are within a week of moving out of our place.  With that said, we still have a lot to do and the days seem to be going by at mach speed.

I am afraid this post may be slightly boring as I didn’t cook anything this weekend.  Nothing!  We had some pizza again, chicken wraps, left over pizza, out for breakfast and some left over pizza again.  Wow after reading that now I know why I may be putting on a little weight.

So in looking back to Friday’s blog makeover giveaway post – I want to thank you for being so positive.  I didn’t know what the feedback would be like so I was really glad to see the overwhelming response.

Big Question Time

I wanted to ask an interesting question that I have always tossed around in my head and at different times I come up with a different answer.  So here goes:

If you were stuck on a desert Island for a period of 6 months and you were only allowed to choose one food with unlimited supply with you – what would you bring?

I am dying to see your answer in the comments – and for me the answer would have to be BREAD!

Sorry for the lame post but i promise you – they will get better.

Take care


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1 Yasmin

That’s a tough one. Right now I would have to say Sabra’s hummus. Can’t get enough.


2 glidingcalm

probably PB. i mean I’m sure I could find fruit anywhere else and protein in the form of…….well I won’t get graphic.

…well, maybe tofu. It’s a toss up.


3 Lara (Thinspired)

I think my answer would have to be rice! :)


4 meg

Well…it would be oatmeal for me! Maybe I can find some coconuts and fruit on the island to add to it.


5 Shelby

I’m going to cheat and say PB Oatmeal. =P


6 ttfn300

fruit :)


7 Jaime (Embracing Balance)

Bananas! (unless of course those happened to grow on this particular island…in which case I would bring crunchy PB for said bananas!)


8 Hangry Pants

Good luck packing! I think I would pick quinoa (assuming I can get some fire to cook). It’s good for me and I am sure the island would have some good mix ins! :D


9 Felix Padilla

I would choose bread as well since I could do always some fishing. So I could bread and roast fish or salted fish dried get the picture. :-)


10 girlbeerdrinker

POPCORN!!! Any way shape or form! Love it, love it, love it!!!


11 Mara @ What's For Dinner?

I think I’d have to say PB too… not PB2, but PB. It’s such a great food!


12 Rebeca

How did I know half the responses would be PB? LOL… but it’s still my pick :D


13 Danica

The logical side of me would say a meal replacement bar but, seriously, how boring would that be!

I’d agree with you on bread! I’d love to say ice cream but it wouldn’t stay cold or pasta, but, how would you cook it?! LOL….Ya ok, way over thinking the fun question :)

Good luck with the rest of the packing – yeah for being on the home stretch!


14 Tram

Hm… I assume that there will be fruit trees & vegetables growing on the island, and that I would eventually learn how to catch fishes n kill a boar with my bear hands… (lol!!!) I would have to say fish sauce. At least for the moment… Geez, I hope this would never happen for real cuz Id end up starving on that island from not being able to decide hahaha


15 Kim

Hmmm….I want to say chocolate as my 1 food, but brown rice or quinoa is the more practical answer. LOL!


16 elise



17 Meg



18 Katrina Morales

As someone who just moved, I feel your pain! I find listening to books on tape helps to pass the time while packing.
I will now answer your question truthfully, not logically… CEREAL!!!!! I am a cereal monster. Seriously, I go through at least one box a week. I figure I could have worse vices, right?


19 Suzzy Rice

I am an absolute cauliflower nut! I eat it everyday on my salad at lunch…so I think that is what I would want.


20 Alison



21 FoodArt

CHOCOLATE!!! to go with all the peanut butter and bananas that everyone else stuck on the island with me will have!


22 Susan

Almond butter. I bet it could even make eating seaweed taste good!!


23 Kim

I must be the only un-healthy eater here. For my pick, i would have to say pizza. Ha! Hey – it is my favorite food! There are some crazy answers here. Ha. Love your website!


24 tami

cereal. my answer is always cereal


25 Rae

I know its nowhere near original, but without a doubt, PB!! I wonder if there is some strange epidemic with blogging plus pb plus oats obsession :-P


26 Caroline

Tofu! I am sure I could find some fruits and nuts on the island to add a little flavah;)


27 rhodeygirl

although I am a pretty decisive person I can’t decide!!

Top contenders:
1. chocolate covered almonds (you know my addiction)
2. apples/watermelon/or bananas
3. PB banana english muffins
4. a proper pizza from Italia.. light dough base, a teeny bit of sauce and fresh bufala mozzarella and a healthy sprinkling of basil


28 Erin from long island

Hmmm…I really love fruit veggies and fish, all of which I can most likely find

What about beverages? I would say beer for my drink, or maybe some liquor to use tropical fruit to make cocktails

Food wise, I think it would have to be chocolate


29 leslie

I should probably bring along some Lara bars to be responsible. But hell..give me CHOCOLATE!


30 Kate

Bread would be it for me too, as long as it could be any kind I want. It would be too impossible to pick just one


31 Marianne

Can I say sushi? Because I would pick sushi. Built in variety ;)


32 Olga



33 Jean

The grandaddy of all carbs – PASTA!!!


34 Leah

I am thinking about this WAY too logically, but I’d have to say several containers of beans and rice.


35 Sakiblu

Wow! Thats a hard choice…I could catch fish off the island and hopefully it would have coconut and banana trees already there..(wishfull thinking) I know this sounds alittle like cheating, but Beans & Rice, I cant think of the one without the other!!!


36 Kimberly

I first thought bacon. Then lasagna. Now I think maybe cheese. Although the peanut butter comments made me rethink. No wonder I can’t lose this last 10 pounds. Ha.


37 eatingRD

oh my goodness, I know what you mean about hating packing! That is the worst. We’ve been eating out too much too and I’m just starting to feel settled into the new place. One thing I would bring with me would be peanut butter! I think it is so versatile and can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. I don’t think I can ever tire of it. If I had another choice it would be pasta. Hopefully the packing will be over soon and then comes . . . moving and unpacking!



38 Johanna B

The first thing that popped in to my head was tuna.


39 Katrina

We’ll be moving in a year and I look around and think uuggghhh, I need to start de-junking now!
As for food on a desert island–hello–chocolate!


40 carolinebee

Ya i agree with some of the people- if you are gonna be stuck on a freakin’ island, I’m gonna go with pizza or ben n jerry’s phish food ice cream!! gotta GO big :D


41 KrisBelucci

Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!


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