Simple Summer Steak and Salad

by zesty on July 29, 2009 · 9 comments

When you get home from work or home from a busy day, a simple delicious supper is a nice reward.  Now I was going to omit noting that I started the meal off with a quick sample of yet another fantastic fudge bar – ahh I love them.


So where were we… back to the summer steak and salad.  It was just a simple dish but so tasty.  It started off with some fresh leafy lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and some old cheddar cheese.  I then took a rib eye steak and prepared it with some olive oil, cracked black pepper and salt.  I threw it on the grill, only flipping once and cooking until about medium well.  We picked up some fresh rolls at the local bakery and called it a meal.

Zesty Tip: When cooking meat that is on the thin side – it is important to under cook it slightly as it will continue to cook when you take it off the grill. After which you should tent it until the plate is completed.

Zesty House Update

As promised after my last house update, here are some updated photos of the progress thus far.  The foundation is in, the exterior is insulated with the spray foam.  The weeping tile and gravel are put in around the footings of the foundation and the garage walls have had the black tar applied.




The next steps are to complete the basement floor adding the in floor heat as well as the top coat of concrete.  After that, we will back fill around the foundation, complete the garage floors and begin to start with the floor joists and framing!

Yay – I cannot wait!

I hope you have a great day and if the sun is shining – enjoy it.

Take care


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1 Tiffany

The steak and salad look great. I made a bison steak salad for lunch one day on vacation. My brother-in-law (who raises bison) grilled us some fillets and I sliced some up and added it to the salad. Yum! I’m a terrible steak griller myself. I should work on that skill.


2 Gina

The house looks great so far :) That’s so exciting, to see your house being built from start to finish, so neat. Thanks for the meat cooking tips. I always have a tendency to over-cook things (maybe because of my food safety background) but I need to remember the meat keeps cooking even when off the heat! I’ll get it down sooner or later.


3 Lisa

Delicious summer meal!


4 Danica

YUM – I LOVE the simplicity of this dinner and I bet it tasted so fabulous.

They have made so much progress on the house since your last post – yeah!


5 Farina

Hubby and I both have our steak well done but usually use thick ones until 1 day I bought a couple of thin steaks and cook them thoroughly. Well, you can guess the end results. Very tough steaks! lol. I must remember to undercook them next time. :)

p.s. The house foundation looks good. How long before the house is ready?


6 Whole Body Love

Looks like things are really coming together with the house! How exciting!


7 Melinda

Yay on your new house coming along! That is so awesome- I can’t wait to start on my dream home one day! :)


8 Susan

Congrats on the progress of your new house.

I don’t know much about PEI. Do you get to enjoy four seasons? How are the winters? Just curious.


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