Sun Chlorella, Zoo and Some Buzz

by zesty on September 5, 2011 · 4 comments

Happy Labor Day to you!  A little while back I was contacted by the folks at Sun Chlorella USA and asked if I would mind if then send me a sampling of  their products.  Of course I said sure… send them along I would be glad to try them out.  I will be honest, the products enclosed were all new to me.  I have never tried Sun Eleuthero products of any sort before but you know me, I will try anything once.

The package contained a 20 day supply of the Sun Eleuthero tablets and a box of Sun Eleuthero.  It is intended to give you a natural added boost and help give your body an added energy boost for today’s busy lifestyle.  Sun Eleuthero is an adaptogenic herb that gives you that extra kick without any of the side effects of caffeine.  Sun Chlorella is also rich in Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) which gives your body a revitalizing boost.

I am excited to give them all a try.  So far I have had the tea and it tastes good.  I always find it hard to figure out whether it gives me a boost as I am always hyper.  However, once I try all the products I will definitely keep you posted on how they taste and react.

Toronto Zoo

As promised, I wanted to include a few shots from the Zoo.

Welcome to the Zoo suckas


I am just resting my eyes


I see your little short neck over there with your camera


This is for you Grace


Excuse me? Do you need something?


Yes Yes I can run fast now give it up. I am not moving!


Honestly, why are you taking a picture?


Why are pink flamingos Orange?


Any guess on what this is?


This feels just like home


I am meditating... Do you mind?


My Favorite New Drink

Yesterday Mrs. Zesty and I were shopping and we stopped off at a Jugo Juice  in the mall where I tried my new favorite drink.  Lately I have been hooked on Iced Green Tea from Starbucks so I opted for the drink called Green Tea Buzz.  It only came in large… oh well.  When I got it… I was like oh wow what a different color. It contains green tea, soy milk, skim milk and low fat vanilla frozen yogurt.

But when I placed my lips on the straw and took a big gulp – I was like WOW!  That is good!

Alright, I have to go tidy up the house and get ready for the first day of school tomorrow.  Have a super holiday and I will talk to you on Wednesday.

Take care



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