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Happy Wednesday to you!  A special day in zesty land for sure.  Today marks our 10th wedding anniversary with Mrs. Zesty and myself.  With that said, I wanted to do something special and memorable as opposed to our normal celebration of going to a nice restaurant and then coming home.

My idea needed some help for sure.  I needed to enlist the help of my travel agent, Christine, to hook me up with a great deal and I had to recruit a kid watcher… which was one phone call to my Mom.  Once I had both of those off the ground the rest became history.

We are going to New York City!  Happy Anniversary baby, now pack your bags and get ready to go to the BIG Apple.

Next Thursday thru Sunday we will be living it up in Times Square.  Now what I need from you is of course some recommendations, experiences and must sees for the 4 day visit.

What I am asking you!

What are must SEES in NYC

What are must EATS in NYC

Where should we stay?

Thanks so much for all your input.  Have a super Wednesday and I will talk to you on Friday with some good eats.

Take care


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1 Amy

Happy anniversary, congratulations and have fun :) Clearly you have to go to The Strand bookstore ;) Also, Serendipity 3 for a frozen hot chocolate!


2 Amy

Just returned from NYC and loved Havana Central ( It is near Times Square and all of our meals were fabulous!

Congrats and enjoy your trip!


3 Kelsey

First + foremost — CONGRATULATIONS!! mmmmmmmm… I miss the city! It is so tasty! I have tons of favorite places – but if I must narrow it down to one I would choose Nha Trang One [vietnamese food] it is authentic + so so so good. Don’t go to Nha Trang Center– it’s really close to Nha Trang One, but oh so not as good.

Nha Trang One
87 Baxter St
(between Walker St & White St)
New York, NY 10013
Neighborhood: Chinatown


4 Dottie williams

Either stay at the double tree or the mariott Marquis. Mariott has an awesome rest called the vow it rotates and the food is wonderful. You need to make a reservation. Also hit up the different food trucks. They have loads of them all over the city. Check out rockerfeller center lots of them there. Happy anniversary to you both!


5 Bruce

You must go to Carnegie Deli!


6 Julia Mason

Congratulations! My hubby and I will be celebrating 38 years this coming Jan. It


7 Jena

Make sure you check out David Lebovitz’s blog from the last week or so–he’s been talking about being in NYC (esp. the food). I love the serendipitous things that can happen in NYC. The first time I was there (a week with my mom), we happened to join two women at a cafe table and they just happened to have a 12-hr layover so they came into the city to see this amazing costume display in the garment district (one of them had an MA in Theater Costuming). My mom, a huge fan of costume, lit up when they talked about it, so we scrapped our plans for the morning (our last morning there) and walked to the exhibit. Very cool. Serendipity 3 was a neat experience, but I don’t know that I’d think the experience was worth repeating. (It was more about the atmosphere than the food–I thought the frozen hot chocolate was overrated, and I can’t remember the rest of what I ate.) Happy anniversary & have fun!


8 Megan

Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful surprise for Mrs. Zesty!!!! Have an amazing time. It is a wonderful place and I hope I get to go back some day!


9 Ron Merlin

Interesting question, and as I thought about it, I thought back to when I used to travel to New York City. And here’s what surprised me, despite all the meals I ate in Little Italy, and Chinatown and various wonderful sites over the city, the thing that I remember most clearly is this……. I had coffee and two fresh croissants with butter, and fresh strawberry jam at a lobby breakfast place in the Grand Hyatt Hotel at Grand Central Station. Every bite melted in my mouth and stunned me at how good it was. True Story. Am I’m NOT a croissant person.

Enjoy your sojourn.


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