Super Star Toast II

by zesty on July 25, 2012 · 34 comments


I find myself eating this more and more for breakfast and each time I still catch myself saying how damn good it tastes. Today, I thought I would share with you a couple of new renditions of the super star toast that I posted a little while ago. This concoction is a great way to […]



The end of the week is here! This week flew by, hard to believe we are in May already. Guess what I just remembered last night? It is mother’s day on Sunday.  Opps sorry Mrs. Zesty – I will get on it as soon as possible and surprise you for Sunday. I have a couple […]


Banana Walnut Bread

by zesty on November 10, 2010 · 49 comments


Happy Wednesday!  WOW what a week.  I am pretty excited to see the holiday around the corner for tomorrow.  I had a lot of fun this week especially the blogging aspect of it.  Despite the fact that work and consumes a large majority of my waking day… I love it!  No complaints from being […]


Super Star Toast

by zesty on April 16, 2010 · 47 comments


I decided to go back in time because a lot of new folks have never seen my first ever post relating to Super Star Toast.  Over time I have had many variations on this slice but when I think back…. this piece of toast really goes above and beyond. Last night was a fend for […]



First off, I’d like to thank Zesty for asking me to do a guest post while he is away.  I was completely honored when asked and agreed immediately.  Thanks again Zesty! My favorite part of Zesty’s posts are always his Zesty Tip at the end.  The tips are so simple, yet so helpful.  So, today […]



Hi Zesty readers, Megan here from Megan’s Munchies here to share with you another great sweet treat. While Zesty is off sunning in beautiful Jamaica, I thought I would share one of my favorite cookie recipes with you. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches were a big favorite of mine when I was younger. These peanut […]


Come Get Your Chocolate Monkey!

by zesty on April 15, 2009 · 28 comments


Middle of the week has arrived and what a week it has been.  Can you believe I woke up to snow yesterday – unbelievable!!  Luck may have it, I decided to park the car in the driveway the night before instead of the garage.   I didn’t use the garage because I just put gas […]


Yes you read the headline correct! Ever since I was a little guy I have been making triple decker peanut butter sandwiches. Then I thought… well why don’t i share this love with all of you? So here I am… writing about my triple decker classic. Now I have adjusted the toppings over the years, […]


Simple Crisp with a Twist

by zesty on September 9, 2008 · 3 comments

These crispy fruit cups are fruit-terrific! Sunday morning treat after breakfast.  I thought I would share a slight variation of the traditional apple crisp.  This recipe uses the combination of pineapple, banana and blueberries.  Get it Together: dry measures, measuring spoons, sharp knife, can opener, cutting board, 2 ramekins, cooking spray, baking sheet, 2 small […]

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