slow cooker

Our society has forced alot of us to eat on the run or have very little time to prepare meals.  Whether your in the corporate world, busy parents with kids or just plain busy – having tips to prepare healthy quick meals is a big help.  I put together a few simple ways to be […]


Go Slow

by zesty on January 21, 2011 · 0 comments

Slow cooker meals are a great time saver for the busy body and also a great way to not have to do dishes.  Before you try any of our fix’-em and forget’-em  slow cooker meals, look over these helpful hints. Prep the Night Before, and all you’ll have to do in the morning is toss […]


How To Prepare Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork

by zesty on January 19, 2011 · 20 comments

You know me and my love for pork. It is one of my favorite meats to eat. I am pretty open to a wide variety of foods including vegan and vegetarian meals, fish, chicken, beef and lamb but when it comes right down to it, I loved PULLED PORK. Pork shoulder blade roast is often […]


Melt In Your Mouth Slow Cooker Beef

by zesty on January 13, 2009 · 67 comments

Happy Tuesday!  I wanted to share with everyone an amazing roast beef that I cooked the other day.  Talk about tender!  When I got home and walked in the kitchen I was smiling from ear to ear – can you really beat the slow cooker for beef?  I braised this piece of meat for 10 […]

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