The Big Decision: Zesty Goes Full Time!

by zesty on January 25, 2012 · 23 comments

I knew I would be writing this blog post, I just didn’t know when it would be published.  When I started blogging back in 2008, I felt my passion grow almost instantaneously and I knew this was for me.  In addition to blogging, I started offering my web design and graphics services to help fellow bloggers and to better the community, and heck I loved that too.

As of last month, I left my corporate career as Director of a successful software company to blog and provide blog consulting services full time.  Is it a big step?  You better believe it.  Am I excited?  I have honestly never been happier.  I wake up in the morning, get breakfast for the family, plan my day, and get at it.

As an entrepreneur, you have to realize you need to hunt to survive.  No one will feed you just for being cute.

My corporate career was somewhat short at 13 years but I learned valuable lessons that will benefit my future.  I have a laundry list of ideas to fulfill in 2012, both food and consulting related.  Over the past three weeks I have revamped and totally redesigned my consulting site to showcase both past work and all the new services you can now purchase.

Here is a quick snap shot of the site.

Goals for 2012

I figure if I write these goals down, you will keep me in check and monitor my progress quarterly.

  1. Write a Book – People have been emailing and asking me when am I writing a book that they can buy and I can honestly say the book is in the works and it is about 60% complete.  I will keep you posted on the details, topic, and logistics once I get closer to the end. (Pretty pumped)
  2. Grow my consulting company to over 300 clients by the end of 2012.  Presently, I have about 160 clients that I have worked with over the past few years and I’m really going to focus my efforts on growing that number and helping the blog community.
  3. Launch a “maintenance” program – At least 3 times a week, I get an email or question from someone needing help with their blog and are unsure how to handle it.  Now you don’t have to worry.  I am launching a full three-tiered maintenance program that you can purchase and have us take care of your blog for you.  Simple, cost effective, and gives you the peace of mind that someone has got your back.
  4. Write more guest posts – I am starting to write for a few blogs just to promote myself and “get around.”
  5. Launch an online interactive learning center for bloggers – I spend a lot of time doing tutorials for people answering blogging questions and technical questions so I thought about formalizing it so you can now join a class, ask questions, see a video, and solve your problems.  Stay tuned later this year for launch!

I guess this concludes my top 5 goals for 2012.  Lofty?  Yes. Doable? You better believe it!  The last three weeks have been busy, getting the site ready, working on logistics, eCommerce set up, and figuring out all the services that I want to offer.

Now I know there is no food today but I felt I should let you in on where I am spending my days.  For all those people who already know – I appreciate the support.  I will be back on Friday with the normally scheduled programming – FOOD.

Have a great Wednesday and I will see you at the end of the week.

Take care


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