The Smore

by zesty on August 1, 2012 · 3 comments

Middle of the week.

I might be a little uncomfortable this morning.  As I sit here perfectly erect in my chair, not letting the backs of my legs nor my back touch the chair.  A little too much sun yesterday on zesty – but can definitely handle it.

I have never shared with you a Smore experience.  The warm roasted marshmallow over a campfire, kissed with some chocolate and smothered between two fresh graham crackers.

Devoured under the stars to make room for yet another one.

Try this if you have not already in your life.

Some other variations that we may attempt this week include:

The Frosty Smore

- replace the tradition chocolate with a peppermint patty

The Hawaiian Smore

- introduce the addition of a little sliver of pineapple

The Peanut Butter Smore

- Use a Reese peanut butter cup instead of plain chocolate

The Nutella Smore

- smear both sides of the graham cracker with nutella.


I hope you are having a great week.  I will roll back in on Friday for a camping wrap up.

Take care


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1 Kathleen Richardson

Oh, yes, I could eat everyone of those variations of S’mores! Hey, get out of the sun AND put on some sun screen. Hope you and your family are enjoying your camping experience.

Keep writing, Zesty…


2 Sues

Your s’mores are beautiful! I’m a self-declared s’more addict and love making unique and fun s’mores. I LOVE the sound of your frosty one!


3 Julie

A fun way to switch it up is to swap a saltine for the graham cracker and a caramel for the chocolate. Or add bacon to either recipe :-)


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