Top 6 Ways to Organize your fridge

by zesty on October 17, 2012 · 26 comments

So Wednesday is here, and it is not raining.

Today I wanted to share with you some things I do to organize my fridge.  My methods are pretty elementary however it’s better than just pushing items to the back of the fridge in hopes someone will move them.

Have you ever wanted to see what exactly is in Zesty’s fridge? Well I thought it would be easier to illustrate using some pictures.

Read below for the tips and feel free to add your tips in the comments.

Organize Your Fridge

1. Place Big Items in the Back

To avoid losing items in your refrigerator, keep the big items in the back so that you can keep up with the smaller items. It’s not fun to pull out a jug of milk only to realize that there is a old bologna in the back of your refrigerator.  Depending on how full you keep your fridge and how much room you have, I like to keep the food to the front of the shelves if possible to avoid losing items and allowing food to expire.

2.  Keep Like Items Together

Another way to organize your refrigerator is to keep like items together. This also helps to avoid losing items. For example, I like to keep kids treats such as apple sauce, yogurt, puddings and drinking boxes together just so that they are easier to find.

3. Put All the Condiments in the Door

It’s annoying to try and pull a large item out of your refrigerator when there are several small containers of condiments in front of that large item.  You end up pulling, moving the little bottles, pulling some more, moving some more…… Next thing you know zesty made a mess all over the floor. This is why it’s best to keep condiments in the door.


4.  Use See Through Containers

There is something horrible about pulling a container from your refrigerator, opening it, and wondering what it is. Or if you know what it is, not knowing when you put it in there. How old are those leftovers anyway? When you organize your refrigerator, use containers that you can see through.


5.  Stack Items Properly

When you get home from the store, keep your refrigerator organized by stacking the items properly. It’s tempting to just chuck the items in the fridge (I do this all time ), grab a cold drink and rest, but you’ll regret it later. Take the time to put like items together and stack them properly.  This will also make it easier to find the items you need, when you need them.

6. Clean it Out Often

I find it valuable to clean out your refrigerator at least once a week or once every two weeks.  Before you go to the grocery store, peek into your fridge and see what you have on hand.  Then throw away anything that’s old (hopefully you do not do this too often). This ensures that you have room for your new groceries and that your refrigerator stays organized.


So there you have it!  Like I said, pretty much just common sense but I really wanted to share this with you as we can sometimes neglect our fridge and then we end of wasting food.  I find it so rewarding to have a clean and organized fridge.  Throwing food out, having food expire or grow mold really makes me upset.  I know it happens and is sometimes unavoidable but keeping a clean fridge and an up-to-date inventory will help reduce the waste.

Have a great Wednesday and I will see you Friday.

Take care


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1 VeggieGirl

LOVE SEEING YOUR FRIDGE!! And I too hope that spring arrives soon.


2 Meg

Love the peek into your fridge and all the organization tips! Thanks Zesty!


3 Pearl

your fridge looks SO clean! so organized! *guiltily peeks into own fridge*.


4 Maria

Love this post! I need to clean out my fridge. I have been sick and not eating anything, so I am sure there are some things that need to go! Thanks for sharing with us!


5 Tyler (Raspberry Runner)

wow, i wish my fridge looked that clean! i have four roommates though, so being organized is a challenge. thanks for the tips!


6 Caroline

Great post! I actually take great joy in organizing my refrigerator and pantry…I always love seeing what’s on the inside of others’ refrigerators too:)

PS I received word that my Zesty shirt arrived at home yesterday! Can’t wait to wear it!


7 K

Great tips!! My family could learn a thing or two from your list!


8 Erica

Great tips! My fridge is ALMOST that organized…. ;)


9 rhodeygirl

great post!

my fridge is even more organized than yours, I SWEAR it. probably because i reach into it way too often hahahah!!

LOVE these tips, and will be using them!


10 Anna

Nice! I always am curious about other people’s fridges…


11 leslie

I always love taking a peek in peoples fridge!


12 elise

im SO jealous. my fridge is so small…what do i do if i dont have a big fridge? produce alone takes up the entire thing. (we just moved and although the new place is fabulous, new kitchen appliances, etc) the fridge is smaller (who even knew that was possible)…oh, living in nyc…


13 Marta

Just found your blog and I love it :)
Thanks for the tips and for letting us into your fridge :)
Spring has finally arrive in Calgary… I hope it comes soon to PEI :)


14 Rod Newbound, RN

I’ve been doing most of these, but cleaning out the fridge is my wife’s job. I just cook!


15 Bunny

Thanks for the tips Zesty!!! My fridge needs them!!


16 Susan

Great Blog post- I love when my fridge is organized and neat.


17 coco

your fridge is more organized and cleaner than girl’s!!! Role model ZEsty!


18 Alisa - Frugal Foodie

Thanks, I need to do this tomorrow!


19 Sondra

I have the same refrigerator, LG, although
there’s not a lot of room in them they are a nice fridge.
Please throw out that broccoli. No nutrition
in that.


20 mahek

It was so good to see such a well organized fridge , i have a small fridge and too many things to store and so its always in mess. I hope i can have a great fridge like yours


21 Leah @ Simply Fabulous Now

Great tips for the fridge!! Ours is much more empty than yours so it’s not too hard to keep it clean or use up food haha. I hate wasting food as it is!


22 ana

i label everything in my fridge with the name and date just like they do in restaurants. it helps to avoid that “what is this?” dilemna and wastes a lot less.. if you know somethings going to go bad in 2 days you eat it before the food thats gonna go bad in 5.


23 Dynamics

With all the info coming out about plastic I am now using canning jars for my leftovers/food. It was the best thing I could have ever done. The jars are see-thru so you always know what you have. I use a sharpie to write the date (a quick scrub when washing the jar removes the date). A extra bonus, my fridge looks so clean and organized. Super bonus, canning jars are so much cheaper than plastic containers. I would love to have your fridge, love the double doors.


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