Waste Not… Want Not

by zesty on December 28, 2012 · 31 comments

Happy Friday folks…. With the Christmas season and holidays among us, this post really has practicality written all over it.  No need to waste things that have perfectly good uses.

Give this a read through and note in the comments if you can think of any other great ideas on how to waste less.

I was reading a magazine a while back and it had an article related to being more resourceful with products and supplies we would normally throw out.  I thought about some of these and I also talked to Mother Zesty as well and this is the list we came up with.

Top 7 Things Not To Throw Out

1.  Stale Bread – When your bread goes stale before you have time to eat it, freeze it and use it for dressing/stuffing the next time you have a chicken or a turkey.


2.  Bones – Never throw away bones!  These are essential in making delicious homemade stocks.  Great for freezing and adding flavor to many dishes.

3.  Coffee Grinds – These are great to place in certain areas as a natural deodorizer.  Place them in an airated container in the firdge or freezer to absorb smells.

4. Butter Wrappers – Save these in the fridge and next time you have to grease a baking dish for your baking – grab it from the fridge and lube up your pan.


5.  Rotten Bananas – These guys work great in the freezer for smoothies and of course the ultimate zesty bread…. Banana Bread.

6.  Onion Peel – These are great for adding flavors to sauces and soups without the onion texture.  Just chuck them in your dish and remove before serving.


7.  Don’t Forget the Freezer – Utilize your freezer.  Certain foods can be frozen and not lose any of their flavor or impact.  Instead of throwing out freeze.

I thought this was a fun, but practical, list to come up with.  I am sure you have more great ideas so I welcome you to add them in the comments to share with the rest of us.

Have a great weekend.

Take care


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