What is the Weirdest Sandwich You Ever Had?

by zesty on March 21, 2012 · 40 comments

Happy Wednesday to you!!  We are traveling today and having a little fun over Spring break so I thought I would share with you an another post from a couple of years ago.

Ever make or have a crazy sandwich?  I must say I have tried a few unique sandwiches over my time but I don’t think I have anything that is truly outlandish.  What I want to try and accomplish today and over the next couple of days is to gather a large list of unique sandwich ideas so I can try some at home.

Here are a few of the ones I have tried over the years.

Chicken and Jelly

Chicken and red pepper jelly make a great combination.  Over some homemade  toasted baguette bread, spread a little hummus and then layer spinach, chicken and top with red pepper jelly.  Oh so good!

Kicked Up Tuna Salad

Tuna salad, green grapes, apple, celery with white cheddar cheese.

Peanut butter avec Cream Cheese

I do a peanut butter and cream cheese sandwich. I take wheat bread, spread it with peanut butter and softened cream cheese. I eat it cold but it’s even better slightly warmed.

Peanut Butter, Nutella, Apple and Banana

This one is really good!  I use three pieces of bread.  I spread nutella on one side, peanut butter on the other and slice some green apples and top it with some sliced banana and ENJOY!

Here is the deal.  We need to get as many people as we can to submit their crazy sandwich and then we will have tons of ideas when we are in a pinch for lunch or dinner.  Tell all your friends, tweet it and talk about it on facebook. Have a great day and I will see you on Friday!

Take care


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1 Morgan @ Life After Bagels

Once I made a wrap with steamed carrots, feta cheese and if I can recall correctly pumpkin seeds. It was kinda weird tasting so try it at your own risk!


2 RhodeyGirl

You should ask Meghann.. she eats lots of crazy sandwiches!

I really like eggs with cheese, black beans and avocado in a wrap.


3 Mara @ What's For Dinner?

The husband eats a sandwich with peanut butter, american cheese, and mayo. I think its gross, but he loves it.


4 Meghann

I’ve got a boatload of weird ones since I love to experiment.

I’ve tried

hummus + Jelly
Ricotta + strawberry preserves + Spinach
tempeh + cheese + jam
almond butter + carrot + spinach <– a favorite!

I could go one and on :)


5 Olga @ MangoTomato

I don’t think any of the sandwiches sound bizarre at all!
I sometimes like to make a white bread, mayo, cold mashed potatoes sandwiches and maybe a few slices of avocado.


6 BroccoliHut

Can’t beat peanut butter & pickles:)


7 Corinne

Mmmmm some of these ideas are GRAND! I don’t know how “odd” this one is but lately I have been into beets, goat cheese, red onion and avocado! Hits the spot everytime!


8 LuAnn Morgan

I remember my mother always ate peanut butter and sweet pickles. It was actually pretty good and doesn’t get much simpler!


9 Heidi Diedrick

My childhood favorite was Rosen’s rye bread (a Chicago, IL specialty) with caraway seeds, room temperature butter spread over each slice, thinly and finally, sliced pimento stuffed green olives evenly layered on one slice, top with the other and eat. The soft bread with the salty butter and olives was awesome, and made for great lunch table comparisons at school.

I babysat one summer for a girl who ate peanut butter and bologna sandwiches-that I consider to be very weird.


10 Courtney @ Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

Those sandwiches ALL look delish!
My grandmother used to make me cream cheese & grape jelly sandwiches on white bread all the time when I was a little girl. They were my FAVORITE!


11 MalissaJ

Being from the eastcoast orginally i would have to say A generous amount of lobster tails on w/w bread add some miraclewhip lots of pepper and bon appetite!


12 ZestyCook

I have to say I would be all over that one!


13 Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter

Those look like some fabulous sandwiches. I like tempeh, jam and spinach as well as turkey, cranberries and spinach.


14 Leigh

my boyfriend makes kind of cheap student version of a monte cristo; whatever bread is around, with whatever sliced cheese is around (usually swiss), deli black forest ham, and strawberry cream cheese. all grilled together on the george foreman. it’s actually quite good!


15 ZestyCook

oooooh I like the strawberry cream cheese addition.


16 Marianne

Mmmm, red pepper jelly. It makes everything amazing. Love that stuff!

I don’t know how weird this sandwich is, but it’s a favourite of mine: hearty, grainy bread, hummus, aged cheddar, and avocado. Such an amazing combination of flavours :)

I’m also partial to bacon, lettuce, and pickles. None of that tomato filled BLT for me!


17 Diane

As a kid, whenever my dad or stepmom told me to make my own lunch, I’d make peanut butter and yoplait key lime pie yogurt sandwiches on wheat bread. I only had a few, but from what I remember they were good


18 Katrina (gluten free gidget)

My all time fav is alfalfa sprouts, spinach, tomato, and Poppy Mango Salad dressing!


19 katklaw777

I luv reading all the answers above…some are quite good ideas.
I once had sliced turkey, cream cheese, cranberry sauce and alfalfa sprouts on wheat bread. It was weird to me but tasted fantastic.


20 Brian

As a child I use to make mashed potato and string bean sandwichs at the dinner table. My parents thought it was strange but at least I was eating my vegies.


21 denise

I created a random/weird panini the other day. It was Health Nut bread, blueberry spread, Kerry Gold Cheddar Cheese, and thinly sliced Gala apple: http://apartmentnearchinatown.wordpress.com/2010/05/20/kushi-sushi-and-karamel-sutra/

So delicious.


22 Cindy

My father in law talked me into trying a grilled peanut butter & green olive sandwich. That was almost 40 years ago and it is a favorite of my daughter, grandkids, nieces and greatnieces!!!!! PLEASE try it. You won’t be sorry.


23 Mr. Jones

I thought my mom was the only person crazy enough to eat one. lol. I guess not.


24 Zachary Edwards

toast for bread then cook some hienze mac’n’cheese and stir in some tune and lea and perins then put the mixture on the first piece of toast then add 3 rashers of bacon and some fried mushrooms top with the final piece of toast and you have achieved bliss


25 Josue @ Boston, MA

As I am reading this I am eating a peanut butter + strawberry cream cheese+ corn flakessandwich! Mmmmmmmmmmmm soooooo good!!


26 Ronda

it may sound gross, but it is delicious

toasted bread, spread peanut butter on them.
and fry an egg, and slice some pickles.
and literally pile them all up!
or if you dont like pickles you can just have peanut butter and fried egg.


27 Ronda

oh and if you have some good salami, fry that and add it.


28 cmalstad

I just made a Spinach dip and sliced Banana sandwich with a piece of bologna in the middle. Surprisingly good haha!


29 Kriss Morton-Weekley

Just made it last night… Toasted Peanut Butter and Pickles! FTW favorite since I was a kid (that and Peanut Butter and Mustard which may make a claim for weirdest


30 lynn @ the actor's diet

pb and cream cheese – can’t believe i’ve never had that before!


31 ann

Love that one with cinnamon!


32 Lara

The weirdest sandwich was also the best:

-Potato bread
-Peanut butter


33 Kathleen Richardson

I’ve had the peanut butter and cream cheese you mentioned above, but I don’t see that as too weird!


34 Monica

ohh I love sandwiches.

Some of my favorites

Hearty Grain Bread, Apple, Bacon and Extra Old Cheddar with dijon mustard (Grilled)

Ciabatta with chicken or turkey, cranberry, spinach and brie cheese

I love your addition of red pepper jelly to chicken, I do the same but add cream cheese as well and a little extra old cheddar.

As a kid I loved peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwiches and peanu tbutter and Frootloop sandwiches.


35 Margo DeGange

There are two.

One was when I was a kid and I LOVED mayonnaise and jelly sandwiches–ate them all the time (it’s gross thinking about it now, lol).

The second was something I had in Trinidad. I think it was shark but we never knew. It was good though. Just looked odd, and it may have been on nan bread or a type of nan bread. I just ate it becasue I was hungry and we were at a festival where anything goes, lol!

Fun post Cory!



36 laura orlowski

I like a cheese & sweet pickle sandwich and a ham & jelly sandwich. My brother eats peanut butter, jelly, cheese & mustard sandwiches. Gross!!


37 wilter

OMG OMG i love sickly sandwhiches but i like to add some fresh fruit so it doesnt taste too weird


38 schftizing

I’ve surprisingly done the peanut butter and cream cheese one, hence how I ended up on this page. It’s okay, but I definitely prefer jelly and cream cheese.

The weirdest sandwhich I’ve probably ever had is vegetable cream cheese, egg, muenster cheese, onion, french fries and three types of lunch meat all on a blueberry bagel. Surprisingly very good.

Also, I work at Mcdonald’s and there’s this thing that customers sometimes ask for (but that we’re not allowed to make) called a McGangbang, which is basically a McChicken patty shoved between the two pieces of reg-meat on a McDouble. Since on our breaks, we can make our own food, I tried this with the regular (more exensive) crispy chicken patty, and it was awesome.


39 ann

My mother used make us peanut butter and cucumber sandwiches when we were kids. My boyfriend said his family favorite was peanut butter and bacon. My dad used to make a mean ham and navy bean soup when I was a kid. I’d butter up a slice of bread, load it up with beans, dash on some hot sauce, fold it up and voila! a bean sandwich!


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