What’s your favorite Candy?

by zesty on June 6, 2012 · 51 comments

A Question.

A Repost.

And also a Zesty Birthday. Happy Birthday Mrs. Zesty!

Lately I have been craving candy like no other (But NOT EATING!). We were at a wedding last weekend and one of the party favors was an all you can eat “Candy Bar”. It was a great idea, as there was a lot of selection and nice little take out boxes to take your goodies. It was definitely the highlight of the night.


When it comes to candy, we always seem to have a few Swedish berries on hand as we are addicted to them. My favorite candy would have

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to be “black babies”. I tend not to eat them very often but when I get the craving… oh boy look out.

In addition to the traditional sugar candies I do love a hint of chocolate every now and again. I do not drink any coffee, tea or pop/soda, so I look for a shot of chocolate every now and again as a treat.

Licorice Babies

So with that being said,

I want to know your “FAVORITE CANDY”.

Tell me in the comments because I am sure there are tonnes of candy I have not even heard of. I look forward to hearing everyone’s response.

Have a great Friday and I will see you all on Monday.

Take care


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1 Meg

I am not the biggest candy fan, but when I do get the cravings for it I like cherry sours, most flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans, York peppermint patties, and any candy that involves a butterscotch flavor.


2 VeggieGirl

PEANUT BUTTER M&M’S!!!! I miss them dearly.


3 GeckoGurl

Miss them? Are they not available where you live, or are you not eating them as a personal choice?


4 Gina

Oh gosh, what a hard question!!!! Ok, here are my favorites:

Reese’s peanut butter cups
Starburst (I like the ones in the green bag)
Milk Duds
Tootsie Rolls

I could go on, and on, and on…..but I will spare you!


5 Kath

Anything Heath or toffee

And dark chocolate.


6 brandi

my favorite? I have too many :)

anything chocolate
jelly bellys!!!


7 whitney

Mike and Ike’s
dark chocolate M&Ms
jelly beans


8 eatlivetravelwrite

ummmm…. so many things come to mind

From Australia where I grew up: Jaffas, Minties, Fruchocs, Strawberry Freddos, Caramello Koalas, Cherry Ripe

From France (where I lived for 5 years): anything Haribo!

From Belgium (where I lived for a year): Chokotoff by Côte d’Or

From Canada (where I live now): dark chocolate M+Ms…

(and yes, I am a sweet tooth!)


9 Shelby

Sour Patch Kids!


10 dotsie

Reese’s Peanut Butter cups!!!


11 Courtney

I love Black Babies! Probably one of the greatest candies ever made! Around Easter time, they also make really good Sweet Tart Jelly Beans, so good!


12 Melissa

I’m so with Kath, I’ve been eating those tiny litte heath bars this week. So good! And I love a bar of dark chocolate. Can’t be beat!


13 Joanne

Toffee and caramel. Anything TOFFEE AND CARAMEL. Unfortunately, my teeth are not appreciative of the sweet sweet. My dentist however, now owns a very nice Mercedes.


14 Jaime (Embracing Balance)

When I was a kid it was Smarties…and those Big Red Feet gummies. Now it’s Mike n Ikes, or Swedish Berries, or Sour Patch Kids…sometimes Skittles…and when I fly Mentos! :)


15 Jane

No doubt about it:

M&M’s-I’m a purist; I prefer the original milk chocolate kind!


16 Abby

I’m not a candy person at all, but I have to have at least one little piece of chocolate every day after dinner (I call it “closure”). My favorite used to be the milk chocolate or chocolate almond Doves, but ever since they came out with the Hershey Bliss little chocolates, that has won my heart over…

It’s just the perfect size and perfectly named.

I used to have a friend that LOVED those orange circus peanuts. They should be outlawed or used as padding in packaging, as they are nothing short of disgusting.


17 Sarah (LovIN My Tummy)

I would trade my first born for a Reese’s PB cup. So I steer clear and enjoy Ginger Chews now.


18 Susan

Fuzzy peaches and those apple caramel suckers. Yummmmm… Swedish berries are pretty good too though.


19 Erica

Don’t tell anyone…I love sugary candy. My favorite are those little candies that look like blackberries and raspberries. I also like sour peaches. mmmmmmmmm


20 Jena

My husband and I are hopelessly hooked on Jelly Bellies, though our budget at least forces us to pass them up most weeks. He loves licorice all sorts, and like Veggie Girl, I miss PB M&M’s, too! I settle for peanut M&M’s now. At Easter (and only at Easter), I love Cadbury Mini Eggs. (I, of course, love chocolate in general.)

And I miss Chewy Sprees, which I cannot find anywhere in Canada (though I’ve become hopeful again since I’ve spotted regular Sprees in a few convenience stores) and which I crave for any road trip hubby & I take.

There’s a general store in my hometown–an antique in and of itself–with a penny candy counter (though I don’t think anything’s actually a penny anymore). They used to sell red hot dollars (funny, as they were actually cherry-flavored) which were a favorite of mine when I was a kid. Sadly, the producer stopped producing them, and though there are look-alikes out there, they’re just not the same.


21 Rebeca

Anything sour- sour patch kids and sour gummy worms especially… but I’d take a fresh baked good or quality chocolate over candy any and every day!


22 Kim

What a fun idea for a wedding!

My favorite candy is Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate for chocolate and Skittles for sugary. :)


23 Caroline

Gotta say that Swedish fish are always my snack of choice at the movie theater. If I’m craving chocolate, I look to Mounds:)


24 Tyler (Raspberry Runner)

I’ve always had a HUGE sweet tooth! My favorite candies:
Heath bar
Dark Chocolate M&M’s
Andes Mints
Sour Gummy Worms


25 girlbeerdrinker

I love Sponge Candy.!!! I don’t know if it is a regional candy or not. Let me know if you have ever had it.


26 Keri R.

I love miniature gummy bears! yum and sour patch kids and those sour watermelon wedges! I also love any kind of watermelon flavored candy! Especially Pop Rocks!


27 Tram

Recently I’ve gotten hooked on the gummi candies, with a swirly texture of cream, and a softer creamier middle. I can’t remember what it’s called… It comes in shapes of buttleflies, turtles, berries…

There’s always the good old sour cola bottles and Carambar Caramel, so rock hard your jaw hurts for 3 days LOL!!!


28 Cammy@TippyToeDiet

These comments are making me hungry.

I love Neuhaus chocolates, any variety, but my budget doesn’t allow it. My every day favorite are plain old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.


29 Jess

I’m not a huge candy girl, but I do love my Reese’s PB cups-actually the Eggs are the best- I stockpile at Easter.

2 others I have a hardtime passing by:
Heath Bars-OMG so good
Sour Patch Kids!


30 eatingRD

We just went to a wedding and they had a little box of dove chocolates and imprinted m & m’s, so cute! I don’t usually eat too much candy, but when I do I eat too much! That’s why it’s better to stay away for me, but I LOVE reese’s! Not original, but oh so good topped on some frozen yogurt.


31 Sues

It absolutely depends on my mood. But I love swedish fish!! Anything Reese’s with lots of peanut butter. Those little pastel mints. And I love malt balls. OK, I’ll stop now!!


32 Danica

I LOVE everything fruity and anything with caramel. If I had to pick just one ~ gummy bears or jelly bellies for fruity and SKOR bars for chocolate/caramel. Oh wait, I LOVE 1,000 grand bars too…..*sigh* Yup – pretty much do not have any of this stuff too often. Instead I have healthy anti-oxidants in dark chocolate.


33 katklaw777

I still love my Mounds Bar, dark chocolate and coconut…….can’t go wrong there.
I also remember fondly the day I discovered Dove Dark(20 yrs ago) the best dark chocolate on the market, before the anti-oxidant craze.
Licorice too, you either love it or hate it. Any one remember Crows? They were the licorice version of gummy, fruity flavored Dots, and I used to buy them at the movie show two boxes at a time. Licorice Bliss!!!
Butterscotch was a favorite as a child, I haven’t had a Werthers in a while. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I feel the neeeeeed for candeeeee!


34 Bren

here’s my list:

spicy mango (found in mexico)
tamarind bar (also found in mexico)
dulce de leche bars (found in miami, jersey)
kit kat
jolly ranchers
recees pieces candy
anything TOFFEE! I’m with Jes, OMG to heath bars!
Ritter Sport dark chocolate with hazel nut (German choco)


35 Alisa - Frugal Foodie

Definitely Runts! Followed by butterscotch discs and then jelly bellys, but mainly because I love trialing all the different flavors. Variety is the spice of life!


36 Aaron

One of my favs is yogurt covered pretzels! Perfect combo of sweet and salty


37 Elina

I don’t really like sugary candy but I LOVE chocolate. Mmm, yum ;)
Hey I took a picture of me in your apron a while ago, where should I send it to? I recall you wanted to do a page with everyone’s pictures…


38 Elliott

Frozen mini charleston chews. SO goood.


39 Michelle

Candy oh how I love a good piece of candy from a candy store..I just posted my favorite candy store of all time. You should look at it, it has everything you could ever ask for! I think I would have to say Sees candy is my favorite and it would have to be the white chocolate pecan caramel chew!


40 rhodeygirl

i (gasp) don’t have a favorite candy! Actually, I don’t really LIKE candy and haven’t had a gummy treat in probably 7 years!


41 barbara

Mmmm candy!

Bach Marzipan chocolates, gummy black/raspberries, MALT BALLS, Those German whisky filled chocolates….


42 Adventures of Alice

I love Sour Cherries! You can buy them at the movie theater in the pick-n-mix section. Haribo have some, but they aren’t quite the same.


43 Natalie

I found your post about Swedish Berries through a Google search because I am on a quest to find some! The last time I was able to find any was about 2 1/2 years ago when I first started dating my husband. He did some investigating and found that they are no longer distributed in the U.S. and so we are trying to find out where they are distributed and where we can get some. Since I found this on your page, I am hoping you might have some insight for me.

It’s funny the lengths we will go to when we want our favorite candy!

Thanks in advance for your help on our Swedish Berries quest.


44 Yvette

Anything Cinnamon, Pez and Sweet Tarts. And very, very, rarely a Violet Crumble candy var.


45 Kelli

Hershey’s Special Dark…either the bar or the chips…it doesn’t matter! When I make my chocolate chip cookies I put the dark chocolate chips in and they taste AMAZING!


46 Brian

Hershey’s Bliss Dark Chocolate


47 Sandy

I love orange and black jujubes but not so much the other flavours. My favorite time of year is halloween because they have bins of them at the bulk store with just orange and black. No need to try to pick through the multicoloured ones with that big scoop to get only two flavours!


48 Julia

My favorite candy? Anything with milk chocolate with nuts Hazelnut chocolate bars from Aldi is the best!


49 Jade

Oh my gosh, it has got to be Hershey’s Kisses, Cadbury Mini Eggs, Werther’s Originals and when I get a chance to come down to the U.S., Nut Rolls. Gosh how I love these! Wish we could get them up in Canada!


50 Amanda MacIntyre

My favorite candy would have to be the strawberry marshmellows but they can’t be too fresh – a bit chewy :)


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