Zesty Clothing Launched, Charity and GIVEAWAY

by zesty on April 9, 2009 · 191 comments

Happy Thursday!  The time is here.  The zesty clothing line is ready to go for the world to “buy“.  Now this is my first real stab at selling anything online so please bear with me.  Let me know if there are any issues or if you have suggestions for other clothing items.   I am always open to new ideas.  Here are a few samples that are available in the store.

giveaway_red_front giveaway_red_front giveaway_red_front giveaway_red_front

giveaway_red_front giveaway_green_front_back giveaway_apron giveaway_apron

I went ahead and did a combination of green and red lettering on the shirts, added both men and women white shirts, as well as a simple black t-shirt for both genders.  I also added female tank tops to the mix in addition to a couple of different apron colors.

Why “Buy”?

  1. Profits from the clothing sales will go directly to the food bank.
  2. It is a great cause and I think the clothing looks pretty cool.
  3. If you buy an article of clothing and send me your picture with you wearing it – I will publish it on zesty in a special section on the blog.  My goal is to get as many pictures as possible and support this great cause.  With that being said – I will also use your picture to link to your blog so everyone can find you.


I have been dying to have another giveaway and I thought this would be a great opportunity to do so.  With that being said, here is what is up for grabs.

2 Get Zesty T shirts

2 Get Zesty Aprons

So all in total there will be 4 winners with this contest. Here are the rules and regulations.

How To Enter:

  • New and existing email subscribers will automatically get an entry on draw date. Note that only verified subscribers count. (+1 entry)
  • Leave a comment about what you think of this idea. (+1 entry)
  • Earn an extra chance to win by linking back to this post on your own blog (if you have one). (+1 entry) (please email me if you link back)

The Rules:

  • Please only 1 comment entry / person (please enter a valid email address). Your email will be kept private and never given/sold to third parties.
  • The winners will receive either a shirt or an apron.  I will do draws with the first two winners winning t shirts and the last two winning aprons.

So let me know what you think about this adventure in the comments below! A random generator will be used to pick the winner. Contest will end at 5pm EST April 19, 2009.

Take care


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1 Mara @ What's For Dinner?

I love this idea, and LOVE the tees!!! I’ll probably buy one next payday (i r broke) :)

2 Janie

What a great idea! I love the red apron!

3 Scott

The aprons look great!!

4 Yasmin

Cute t-shirts! I would wear it proudly. I will link you to my blog as well!

5 HoneyB

Zesty this is an awesome cause. I’m am mentioning this for you and will link it on FB also. No matter whether I win or not, I will be getting at least an apron! Love this!

6 Laura

I think this is such a fantastic idea! Your generosity certainly speaks for itself! I LOVE the aprons!!!!!

7 Lindsey (Mrs. LC)

I think this is a great idea – I love how the proceeds go to a food bank. :)

8 Jessica

Fabulously zesty idea! and I’l link to your blog giveaway now.

9 Victoria

The stuff looks great! I especially love the aprons, and that the proceeds are going to a good cause!

10 VeggieGirl

hell freaking yes!!! I’m all over this.

11 Shelby

This idea is so fun! I would love to wear this shirt around, it’s so cute!

I think I’m already a subscriber =)

12 Courtney (The Hungry Yogini)

Zesty, what a great idea!! I love that you are giving to such a great cause!!

13 Meghann

Great idea Zesty! I went ahead and gave you a shout out on my morning post :)

14 Tina

So cool!!! I love the design and colors! Nice picks! I want one! :)

15 john

First hit’s free? well it seems to work for most other things, so why not swag too? Good luck with the giveaway, and good luck with the swag too

16 coco

oh.. I love the idea and love that apron!!! :)
I’ll link this post in my blog right now!

17 greenbean

great idea! i especially love the aprons!

18 Melissa

It’s a neat idea! I like the get zesty t-shirts, they are cute!

19 Royal

I am completely stoked about the apron and what a great cause you are awesome!

20 brandi

I love all the stuff!! How cool that the proceeds are going to charity – you rock, Zesty!

21 Michelle C.

I think this is awesome…the cause and the giveway!

22 Rachel in NC

I love that you are giving the proceeds to a food bank! What a great idea.

23 Cheryl Wade

I love the aprons. I am a messy cook and this could save me money.

24 Julie

Great idea! The gear looks great too!

25 Pearl

that is such a great idea and i’m absolutely stoked how you’re doing this for such a good cause. why aren’t you on the food network yet? or are you on there already and i’ve just not been paying attention? :)

26 Joy @ Five J's

Love this idea, and I love that your supporting the food bank this way. Fabulous!

27 Kath

I am zesty!!!

28 Jessie

great cause! and I’m loving the new line of cook clothes :)

29 EL

Great idea and I am loving the aprons

30 Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

Ohh..love this! Get Zesty…how cute :)

31 Bob

I think the idea is great! Food banks need all the money they can get.

32 tobi1128

I love it! Everything looks great!

33 Maureen

i think it’s a great idea to get the name out about your company! And the food bank idea is really generous of you. I posted about this contest on my blog (http://madaboutudon.wordpress.com).

34 Beadie @ What I Ate Yesterday

What A great Idea!!!!

35 Gabby

I’m already subscribed. (: I think this is a wonderful idea!

36 Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter)

I think this is a great idea Zesty, and I would love a shirt OR apron. Always spilling stuff on myself in the kitchen. :) Thanks for doing this! You have been officially linked!

37 Sarah

I neeeeed to support the cause and get an APRON! I have been dying to find a good one, and yours both looks good and does good :)

38 Courtney

The clothing line looks fabulous! And I love the fact that all the proceeds go to supporting such a wonderful cause! Good luck with the sales!!

39 Rebecca

I think it is a great idea.

40 Krista

I love how all the proceeds are going to the food bank! I’m sure your generosity will be appreciated by all!!

I’m seeing a new tank in my furute!!!

41 gina (fitnessista)

how incredibly awesome!!! if i don’t win, i’m totally buying a t-shirt.
thank you for your amazing generosity- i’m sure they will greatly appreciate it.
have a great day!

42 Sarah (lovINmytummy)

I think that you are an amazing person to even think of doing this! I will try to remember to link you up in my pm post. Happy Thursday!

43 Dorothy

I love the idea of donating the profits! Great work!

44 Alicia

Love it! Also, Subscribing to your page now ;)

45 Daniel

Great idea, keep up the good work.

46 Danica

Zesty ~ I think this is such a fabulous idea. I really think your heart is in the right place by donating the proceeds to the local food bank. Plus, well, your hot new clothing line is oh so cool – who wouldn’t want to buy one?!

I gave you a shout out on my morning post ~ Here is the link, but, I will also email it to you.


47 elise

how cute AND a great cause!

48 mama

i luv aprons, i feel so home-makerish, lol!!

49 K

They turned out great!! What a wonderful cause as well!

50 eatingRD

They looks zesty! I particularly like the aprons for cooking :) And what a great cause. Thanks!


51 elissa

I love the black tees! And a what great cause the money is going towards.

52 junghwa

this idea is wonderful!
i love all the designs!

53 katklaw777

I would love to see my hubby wearing one of your aprons(and nothing else, lol). Its so sexy when a man cooks!!! I love your generous idea for fund-raising for your charity. Kudos!

54 hyang

thank you for giveaway!
the apron looks so cute1

55 jayme

i LOVE all the designs!

56 june

Wooo~ I like your idea of Zesty shirts/aprons

57 CaSaundra

Love the whole idea and the clothing line. Very nice!

58 Hangry Pants

This is such a great idea for a food blogger with a heart!

59 Megan

This is a great idea! And I love that the proceeds are going to a food bank.

60 Heather

This is a great idea! I love that you’re thinking of others, and that this isn’t just to benefit yourself – KUDOS!

61 Elisabeth

How fun!! I would totally rock the “Get Zesty.” logo!!

I just gave you some link love in a blog post (http://joggerslife.com/2009/04/09/keepin-it-real/)!

62 Kim

Hello. Love the website – but I do not have my own blog. Would love to win a “zesty” shirt or anything! Count me in.

63 Marianne

I think it’s a great idea, both for the clothing and the cause. T-shirts & aprons really make the most sense as well. I’m a big fan of the green lettering myself :)


great idea

65 Michele C

Thank you for the giveaway. This is an awesome idea! I love that you are helping the food bank, the economy has hurt so many of them and people are going hungry.

66 sarah

You are so generous! Love the idea of donating the profits to a great cause. Take care.

67 chris swan

I think the idea is wonderful. I also subscribed to your feed.

68 Shaiha

I love the black apron! And what a great cause.

69 Shaiha

I love the black apron! And what a great cause.
Forgot to mention good post! Looking forward to reading your next one!

70 Elina

Great idea to sell clothes to benefit a food bank. I need to start giving back a bit more… I like the aprons! :)

71 Katrina

Awesome way to get your clothes out there. Love the quote and love the aprons. Way to give back, too!

72 bobbi

yeah! Love the line, and the idea behind it:) I will be linking this to my post tonight for sure!

73 Mizz Independent

I think this is awesome – especially since you are giving all the money to a great cause!

74 Amanda @ Fake Ginger

Love the idea! And I would love to win. ;)

75 Elizabeth

love the concept!!!!!

76 Sues

These are soo cute! I love the super simple design. Nice!

77 Monica

i love that proceeds are going to the food bank. great idea! all of the clothing is very cute!

i am need of an apron!

78 Suzanne

I’ve been browsing your site, very impressive. Great idea for the giveaway!

79 Jacquelyn

I think it is a great idea because it is for a food bank and especially reaching out to a bunch of food blogers and the reading community and who wouldn’t want a shirt to wear that says get zesty! I would deffinately be cooking up some delicious foood in that :)

80 JW

Great Idea! I’d love a T-shirt!!

81 Meg

I think everyone should own a Zesty shirt! :)

82 foodsthatfit

I linked to ya Zesty!!! I love the white v-neck shirt, super cute :)

83 Lisa D

what an awesome idea! I would rock one of those t-shirts for sure! and probably spill something like red wine or tomato sauce on a white one

84 patsyk

This is an incredible way to support the food bank! That is a great cause that anyone can get behind.

85 Erin

I love the idea of wearing a shirt that says Zesty, and this is a great way to support local food!

86 caitlin

you are so creative! and i wanna win!

87 Sharon

I think you are doing such a wonderful thing. With the economy at the current state that it is in, lots of people are utilizing the food bank, and I heard that some places are having to turn down people, because of the increased demand. Therefore, I think this is awesome!

88 Maria

Awesome!! Love it all!

89 Betherann

I think this is a great idea, but am not sure of how many people will buy one. I wish you the best!!

90 eatingbender

Hurray for the Zesty store! I just linked back on my blog, by the way! This is a great idea for a great cause and I hope that there is a positive response!

91 leslie

I am an email subscriber!
I think this is a fabulous idea, lots of blogs are having clothes made for readers to wear/represent to promote their websites.
I also linked back to your post on my site


92 Anne K.

I think this is a great idea for an important cause. The clothes look cool, and I hope you get a great response!

93 sharon

great idea!

94 Emily

I think it’s an awesome idea! I am all for helping out others….and a cool T-shirt to top it off is always nice! :)

95 Jen

A wonderful idea! Good luck!!!

96 Susan

I love the idea of giving the proceeds from a FOOD blog to a FOOD bank. I know that those places are always struggling, and I think we all deserve to eat great food! :)

97 Steph

Congrats on the clothing line!! This is a great giveaway. I think it is great that the proceeds are going to a food bank :)

98 Teisha

What a great thing you are doing ! So many people will benefit from your generosity. I love the green :-)

99 Carmen

congrats on the clothing line!! great idea, for a good cause.

100 TheTinyJEWELBox

I’d love to get the tshirts! Wish me luck!

101 Brittany

Zesty. I think this is a great idea!!!

102 lauren (athlEAT)

I love that this is for charity. great idea….

103 Michelle

I think this is a wonderful idea. Bless you for wanting to help feed people.

104 kaneil, balanceisbest

I forgot to comment yesterday, but I linked back! (I’ll email you too) This is an awesome idea and I can’t wait to purchase…even though I’m going to win the contest. ;) I love Zestycook! woo hoo!

105 Gina

i do not have a food blog, but i have been a devoted blog reader for quite some time now and love it! everyone in this community is truly wonderful, always out to help people and work together to reach their goals. i think this is a great idea!

106 bbryn

Great idea, and I love that proceeds go to a food bank!!

107 Amandaaa.

Get Zesty merchandise rocks!
Sounds so feisty and frisky.
And the fact that the money
goes to a food bank makes it
oh so classy!

108 Diane

Hey, Zesty:

Love this idea! Can I get an idea of the sizing on the women’s tees? Please, please don’t be one size fits all……..please.


109 Diane

OK – I do get tired of saying this: Sometimes I’m a dork.
I figured out (all on my own…)where to find the answer to my last post re: sizing.
As Gilda Radner used to say, “Nevemind!”

110 ZestyCook fan for life

You rock sir! Why? Because you have a great blog, tasty recipes, quality food photos, and you listen to your fans. Thanks for including red in your clothing line. Love it love it love it.

Baseball caps should be added to your clothing line next! :-)

P.S. Do you take special orders if an item isn’t listed on your purchase page but might be a generic cafepress item?

111 cara martin

What a great cause!!

112 Emily

Love the t-shirts and the cause!
I would be proud to show off some Zesty wear!

113 Sharon Fairclough

a real good ideal great shirt simple but get the message across. Thank for the giveaway

sharr1226 at yahoo dot com

114 Jvegegirl

A fantastic idea and a great cause!

115 ttfn300

very kewl!! sorry i’m behind on my blog reading :) you know, i don’t have an apron… ;-)

116 Jessicar

You CANNOT go wrong with a giveaway and a great cause! :D

117 Christina Taylor

Wow, I would love to win such a cute shirt or apron!

118 Rajee

Love this to go for charity which is gread idea.

119 Olga

Great designs and a great cause! I volunteer at a local Jewish community center where we make food for the homeless.

120 AmandaB

oh yeah!! you picked the slogan that I liked best for the shirts..I’m sure totally based on my feedback. :)

Great giveaway too, I hope it draws more attention to the good cause.

121 Sally

This is a great idea! I hope you get lots of sales. Thanks for doing something for a good cause! And thanks for having a giveaway! I hope I get one off the lovely clothing items!

122 Neena

Great idea, and I love the slogan!

123 Jenny

Neat site. Am looking forward to spending a little time here! Your t-shirts and aprons looks really cute. Love the lettering.

124 Joanne

Great cause. Great Giveaway

125 KristenH

I think this is an amazing idea for a great cause! I love the t-shirts!

126 Missy (Missy Maintains)

Great idea and such nice shirts!! I am linking back in my next post!

127 Kitty

Sounds like a wonderful cause! Nice shirt and apron choices, too.

128 megan

I love the aprons and what a great cause! I’m an e-mail subscriber too!

129 Marissa M

Congrats on your clothing line! I love how its for a good cause :) congrats again :)

130 Sharon

I love the idea! I am really into aprons and love this style!!!

131 Kristin

They are too cute!

132 Marcia

LOVE the idea-tank tops and kids sizes would be GREAT!

133 Sarah

Great idea! And I love the t-shirts!

134 Mark Boxshus

This is a wonderful idea. As a supporter of Share Our Strength, and this year’s Food Buzz representative at the Boston dinner gala, I think any effort to prevent hunger in children and others is a very noble gesture. Keep up the great work. I also love to follow along with your blog……………Mark

135 Jean

You rock! This is an awesome idea!!!

136 maxine

seems like a great idea! the designs look nice :)

137 Savor

This is such a great idea! The design in wonderful and shows how much time and effort you have put into this.

138 Michele

Love the t-shirts. Very nice job! Looking forward to getting your newsletter updates!

139 beth shepherd

Thank you for a great giveaway. I would love to win. They are fantastic!! THank you

140 tara greco

Get Zesty is great. Our motto is “cook. eat. be merry.” A pair made in heaven.

141 Sharon A

I love anything food related. The fact that you are doing this to benefit others is wonderful.

142 Jena

I’m looking forward to seeing what foody catch phrases (or maybe funny gadget silhouettes) you come up with in the future–and I love the red apron.

My husband says I should tell you: I’m from just south of Lemington and he’s from PEI, and he’s trying to convince me I should like the ketchup loves tomatoes song. What is that?! (It’s okay–I’ll look it up. it’s Stompin’ Tom, I hear.)

But if you can put that lyric line on an apron, I’ll bet he’d buy me one. (Probably copyrighted, though, eh?)

143 Sidi

Great idea, keep up the great work

144 Taylor

I think this is a great idea…the shirts and aprons are so cute and I love that the money is going to a good cause :)

145 Marisa

awesome – i love the slogan, so simple yet so catchy!

146 sonia

Great slogan. Sweet and simple

147 Paula Colvin

Zesty, not only are you an awesome foodie, but you know how to use your powers for good. Can we be best friends? :)

148 MaryBe

I think it’s silly
Just kidding! I like to swim upstream sometimes :)

149 Sharon

I love the idea of an apron give away. I just love aprons!

150 Not So Average Mama

This is a great thing you are doing! I subscribed to your updates.

151 Lan

i love aprons, even tho i don’t wear them. i think this is a great idea and if i win an apron, i would totally rock it like it was J.O.B.

152 Meg

I love aprons, and love giving them as gifts! I would make just one request, though. Please make sure your shirts are offered in plus sizes as well. People come in all sizes, and we big girls love cooking too!

153 Lynne

I too love aprons! I think your clothing line is such a nice idea. Everyone wins! :)

154 Teanna

I think it’s a phenomenal idea! I love the shirts (my favorite is the green “Get Zesty” shirt! Super Cute!

155 The Food Hunter

Great idea…I love the aprons.

156 Cooking Dad

Those aprons rock! It’s great that you support a good cause with your profits.

157 fitri

I Love the idea, and that’s apron so great for another mother’s day gift :-)

158 Janette

I love the aprons very cool and such a great cause you did such a great job. You should be very prouc.

159 Shannon Clafford

I love the shirt idea! They are so cute! I want to wear it around on my campus!! the aprons are awesome too!

160 Shannon (The Daily Balance)

fantastic idea! The aprons are so cool ;)

161 ValleyWriter

I love that you’re giving the profits to the food bank – bravo!

162 Lori

Neat! I have seen cafepress, but not this store.

163 May

I love aprons! They protect your beloved clothes from getting dirty, while letting look as though you are out to ROCK the world!!

I love that you are giving a chance to all the apron lovers out there to get one!!

164 Erin from long island

This is a great idea….give aways are a wonderful thing!

165 brilynn

I don’t usually wear aprons, although I really should, considering how many shirts I ruin. That being said, I love getting new shirts cause I spill so much stuff on mine… The shirts definitely get the thumbs up from me!

166 Betherann

I think the aprons are a very cute idea. I really like the red one. I hope you succeed in your venture!

167 calel

I could use an apron, so it’s a great idea. One of my favorite shirts got spattered with oil recently and is forever ruined with an oil spot because I don’t have an apron. They are pretty useful little bits of cloth.

168 Biz

Great giveaway!! Pick me! :D

169 Annalisa

I love the selection and the simplicity! Awesome giveaway!

170 Paulineh

I love the apron and its the idea of selling them for the food bank is very admirable.

171 April

I think this is such a wonderful idea.

172 April

I am off to put this link on my blog and facebook!!

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