Zesty visits Pete's Frootique

by zesty on July 24, 2009 · 19 comments

Have you ever heard of Pete’s Frootique?  What an amazing place.  I love going there when I visit Halifax so I thought I would share you some photos and some of the great food choices at Pete’s.   As you know, yesterday I traveled over to Halifax and we had a blast.  Such a nice drive and nice not to go to work every now and again.

Check out some great pictures inside the store.





We were kind of in a rush so we didn’t have a lot of time to browse but of course I ran up and down pretty much every aisle to make sure I didn’t miss anything. The salad bar is amazing and the fresh fruit is second to none. I also noticed potato chips from the UK that I just had to try. They were so goooood. I really loved the ketchup flavor and they are all natural.

ketchup_chips ketchup_chips

In addition to the fruit, I had to of course check the bakery…. oh my! They had freshly made soft chewy ginger cookies. I was so excited to get back to the truck and rip them open. They were delicious.


Well I hope you have a great Friday and I hope you stay tuned for what I will call a very special MONDAY. I slipped down to the house last night and there has been great progress made. I will keep you posted with an update next week.

Take care


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1 Jen

I live about an hour from Halifax, but dropping into Pete’s always makes my heart skip a beat. I too, just LOVE it. A magical sort of place really.


2 Pam

Stores like Pete’s are such a fun adventure! It’s like going to Disney in the food world…he he!



3 Lara (Thinspired)

Oh, thanks for the tip on the potato chips! I am definitely going to track down the ketchup ones…I am obsessed with ketchup :)


4 Angie All The Way

Pete’s Frootique = love of my life. I always go there when I get downtown which will be tomorrow after a visit to the Farmer’s Market. I love it there and can spent hour(s) just browsing! How pathetic is it that I can do that in a grocery store?!

Glad you enjoyed Pete’s! I LOVE the salad bar and get one every time I’m there! He carries products that most other stores don’t carry. Some items are marked up in price and aren’t worth the purchase, but the produce is always always top notch!


5 Shelby

That place looks amazing!


6 Leah

Oh I love Ketchup chips! I used to eat them all the time when I lived in England and was stoked when I found them in India! Ah! So jealous!


7 Courtney

Okay, so for some reason, for the past year that I’ve been reading your blog, I thought that you lived in Ontario. When I read that you had driven to Halifax, I thought maybe you had been visiting someone, but just to make sure, I checked your “About” section. I had no idea you were from PEI! I was born and raised in Miramichi, NB, and now live in Antigonish, NS while I’m in university at StFX. I’m glad to now know that I’m following yet another Maritimer!


8 Susan

LOVE Pete’s Frootique!!!! We don’t have one here in Fredericton, but I always loved going to the one in Moncton with my dad when I was a kid. He’d always bring me on Saturday mornings after the market, and buy me some “candy” (ie dried pineapple, sooo good)


9 Caroline

Wow, what a produce wonderland! That collection of dried fruits and nuts isn’t half-bad either.Thanks for sharing your trip with us!


10 Spotty Prep

I wish I had known about that place when I was in Halifax 3 years ago! Might be time for a trip back, haha.


11 Tyler

wow, that looks like foodie heaven!


12 Danica

Fantastic pictures Zesty! I’ve never been their but now I WANT to go!

I am sorta laughing at the lay’s chips with another name…funny.


13 Lynn

Another maritimer, yah!! I LOVE Pete’s too, such an amazing selection of food there.


14 Marianne

That definitely looks like a fun food store :) I love stores like that, even if they only carry the same product I can get everywhere else – at least it’s displayed in a more attractive way.

Those chips look so similar to the Lays’ design of chips. I wonder if they are the same company, just the UK version?


15 Jen @ MaplenCornbread

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! I used to visit weekly when I lived in Halifax!! Even if I didnt need to “buy” anything a bit of browsing and then a nosh at the salad bar was easily justified :)


16 Whole Body Love

What gorgeous fresh produce and scrumptious-looking cookies. Thanks for taking us along on your travels!


17 Jaime (Embracing Balance)

Pete’s is definitely one of the top ten things that makes my move to Halifax last year a delight! Their fresh produce, meat, and baked good are second to none. Not to mention the deli with the only excellent selection of cheese in town! Glad you enjoyed…thanks for the post.


18 Vivien

wow, such a nice place, i used to study in Acadia University, Wolfville, how i miss strolling in halifax


19 Bruce

I’ve always wanted to visit Pete’s Frootique, growing up in N.B, I use to watch him on the local news every week, giving you his tip of the week with one delicious bit of produce or fruit.I can still remember his accent..”This is Pete from Pete’s Frootique….” never did figure out where he was from. Ahhh memories. Great blog by the way! Do you cook professionally?


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