Zesty’s 5 Favorite Thanksgiving Foods. Tell Me Yours!

by zesty on October 5, 2012 · 24 comments

Happy Friday!  With Thanksgiving fast approaching in the US (I forgot to do this post for the Canadian Thanksgiving), I thought this would be a great time to quickly go through my favorite eats at Thanksgiving.

First off I will start with saying that it was really hard to limit this post to 5 items because I truly love everything about thanksgiving.  But here goes:

1. Turkey

This really does have to be one of my favorite meats to eat. I love turkey with all the fixings and even in sandwiches, soups and casseroles.


2.  Fig and Maple Brussel Sprouts

Recently introduced to me this year, this dish was a knockout! I mean the combination of flavors and textures were over the moon.

Fig and Maple Brussel Sprouts

3. Homemade Cranberry Sauce

A classic yet one of my favorite side dishes with turkey. You can find out how to make this easy delicious dish.

Cranberry Sauce

4. Turkey Dressing/Stuffing

A true family favorite for sure.  You have to be quick to this bowl to ensure you get some.  A little turkey, a little dressing and a touch of cranberry.  What a bite!  This is also great on a turkey sandwich.  Not the most healthy of choices but… can you really worry about that around this time of year?

Turkey Dressing

5. Sticky Date Pudding

I great dessert after a big dinner. I love the combination of warm caramel sauce coupled with the cool ice cream sitting a top a super moist cake. I sometimes classify this as heaven! This sticky date pudding is delicious.

Now Tell Me Yours!

This is where I want everyone that reads this post to come out of the wood work and mention at least one of your favorite foods around Thanksgiving. I think it will be fun and I just realized that I left my favorite sweet potato dish out of the top 5. Very shocking but that just goes to show how much I like food!

I will talk to you on Monday. Have a great weekend.

Talk to you Monday.

Take care


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1 Megan

I have lots of favorites, but I always look forward to the double layer pumpkin pie I make every year.


2 brandi

ooh, how exciting! I hope the food demo goes well – how did you end up doing that?

My favorites:
Grandmas mashed potatoes
Grandmas ham gravy
homemade sweet potato rolls
my mom’s fudge pie!


3 Joy

Oooh can we have the brussel sprout recipe?
But my favorite t-day foods are:
Vegan broccoli soup
warm almond milk with a touch of honey!


4 Estela @ Weekly Bite

Ok, I’m coming out of the woodwork ;)

My Favs:

Stuffing that’s cooked in the turkey

Fresh Cranberry Sauce

Candied Yams

Pecan Pie

And of course… Turkey w/ gravy!!!!


5 Pam

Oh, the only real necessities at my Thanksgiving are:

Turkey (of course)
homemade garlic cheddar mashed potatoes
BUTTERSCOTCH YAMS (Oh- heaven on earth)
homemade cranberry relish and
homemade rolls.

Not a huge pie fan, but pumpkin pie would probably be my #6. Though I could easily skip the pie and just have 2nds (or 4ths) of the butterscotch yams… YUM


6 Mara @ What's For Dinner?

Turkey (for sure)
Mom’s mashed potatoes with whipping cream in them
Grandma’s recipe for cranberry compote
Grilled asparagus
rosemary and garlic tomatoes


7 Erin

I’m from the south and these are some of my faves:

Macaroni and cheese casserole
Sweet Potatoes casserole
Green Bean casserole (I’m starting to notice a trend)
Pumpkin and Pecan pie.

Oh yum!!! Happy Early Thanksgiving!!


8 Tyler

1. Sweet potatoes (the unhealthy way with cream, sugar, and marshmellows)
2. Honey baked ham
3. Chocolate pecan pie
4. any pumpkin dessert
5. hmm…does wine count as a Thanksgiving food??


9 Lauren

Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without sweet potatoes!


10 Julie @savvyeats

This year, we’re replacing sweet potato casserole with a sweet potato + banana dish. It sounds weird, but the two mashed together taste really good!

And I love our cranberry-jello-cool whip-sangria salad… yum!


11 Gena

Sweet potatoes. Any kind of sweet potatoes.


12 The Candid RD

That’s so fun! I want to know your favorite “not so traditional Christmas foods!” Out of all the foods in this post, the cranberry sauce and brussel sprouts look like my favorites. The sticky date pudding sounds fantastic too, but my favorite Thanksgiving dessert has to be pecan pie, followed by pumpkin pie. YUM!


13 Beth @ DiningAndDishing

My fave is stuffing. I always eat way too much!!


14 Jessie

1. Green Bean Casserole
2. Mom’s whipped potatos
3. Sage dressing
4. Turkey!
5. Any cake my Mom chooses to make.

I am so excited for next week!


15 Lori

Stuffing is a favorite of mine!


16 Chris

Pumpkin chiffon pie! I could do without everything else and be happy with only my pie.


17 BroccoliHut

Just thought I’d let you know that I plan on making those fig and maple brussels sprouts for our Thanksgiving meal–can’t wait to try ‘em!
My Thanksgiving favorites are my mom’s pumpkin pudding and green beans with almonds.


18 Light Delight with TouTou

Oh I love that sticky date pudding!!
yupp, probably put on some weights during the big holiday!


19 Pam

Hey good luck tomorrow Zest!



20 Marianne

I’m all about the turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving (and Christmas, and Easter – we serve the big turkey dinner at all 3). And I’m so with you on the stuffing in your leftover turkey sammies. I’ll add some gravy (solid and cold, just slice a piece off) into my sandwich as well. I’m not ashamed.


21 Lara (Thinspired)

OMG–Zesty, is sticky date pudding the same as what the Brits call sticky toffee pudding?! I am obsessed wtih that lately.
Thanks for this post–if I decide to make a Thanksgiving dinner this year I’ll definitely be referring back to it!


22 Biz

Mashed potatoes and gravy, mac n cheese, fresh crunchy bread with good butter, and pumpkin pie for dessert! :D



#1: Turkey (Of course!)
#2: Olive Oil & Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts
#3: Pureed Pumpkin (yes, that’s it: not a pie… no sugar – just pureed pumpkin… 100% pumpkin – Libby’s rocks!)
#4: Steamed Leeks & Asparagus
#5: Broiled Green Beans (with olive oil, salt & pepper – roast til crispy and they taste like french fries!)


24 Kim

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Zesty (October 8th)!
Homemade cranberry sauce
Lemon Snow for dessert

I eat the rest of the food at the table, but I mainly concentrate on the turkey and cranberry sauce.


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