Zesty’s Top 7 Ways to Use Bacon

by zesty on September 30, 2011 · 16 comments

I am working from home today with a sick boy and have a huge craving for bacon.  I thought I would kick start your weekend with some pork fat goodness.  You agree?

One of my top 25 foods of all time – BACON.  It came to me as I was eating the breakfast all last week at Normandy Farm.  Of course I scanned the whole buffet before I started to fill my plate, but I always gravitated towards the crispy bacon

Eating some breakfast and thinking about what to write, I thought that I would share with you 7 ways to cook with bacon that have been featured on zesty.

So here goes….

1. Bacon on Pizza

Whether it is traditional pizza using some leftovers or a kicked up portabella pizza – bacon is a great addition.

2. Chutney

I feature two chutney’s ( Apple Bacon Chutney and Pear Bacon Chutney ) so far and both were out of this world yummy.  I attribute that to the bacon and to the slow cooking.

3.  Bacon and Eggs with a Twist

One of my all time sunday morning favorites “Bacon and Eggs”.  Try these fun little twists on a classic – Bacon and Eggs in a Bowl or a 2 minute Bacon Broccoli Scrambled Egg.

4.  Bacon Wrapped Fruit

Once introduced to this lovely creation – I fell in love with Bacon wrapped Pineapple.  Such a simple yet crowd pleasing treat.

5.  Bacon in a Salad

I really do love adding bacon to many salads.  I think i like the salty flavor it adds as well as the crunch. The one listed here is not your traditional salad, but this was very tasty with both the crunch walnuts and the firmness of the asparagus.

6.  Bacon with Potatoes

Oh yeah – you cannot forget this incredible combination.  Try kicking it up a notch at your next gathering with sweet potato skins with Bacon.  These babies are amazing.

7.  Bacon Mac and Cheese

Well well well… this is a must try if you love mac and cheese.  The bacon really takes this over the roof and will make you very very happy.

So there you have it!  A fun look at bacon and all its glory.  Feel free to share this with your friends using the toolbar on the bottom.  Have yourself a great Fridayand I will see you back on October…. Can you believe that?

Take care


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1 Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

OMG I love bacon and want to put it in everything. Def one of my favorite foods. The bacon mac ‘n cheese looks amazing. Drool.


2 Seth @ Boy Meets Food

I was just saying this past weekend… “I think you can put bacon on cardboard and it would still taste good”. I love the sweet potato skins idea… thanks, I will have to try it.


3 Divina

I could give up pork but not the bacon.


4 [Blocked by CFC] Gina

Bacon in a salad and on a potato are my two favorites :) Oh, and bacon on a BLT, with egg of course! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bacon!


5 brandi

ah, of course I see this when I have no bacon in the house :) I need some so I can try this chutney!


6 Meg

I will take the sweet potatoes and the pineapple please :)


7 Ashley

Zesty, as a bacon lover, your life will be greatly improved by watching this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2T_obaO46Bo

Watch the remix afterwards, if you are so inclined. Laughing makes your life better.


8 Mellissa

I love love love bacon. I recently tried a chocolate bar with a hint of bacon and a bacon bloody mary. So delicious!


9 BroccoliHut

I remember seeing your Asparagus Bacon Walnut salad on here several months ago, and I tried it with tempeh bacon–fantastic! I even posted about it last week. Thanks for the idea:)


10 Starwoodgal


Love the post.


11 Jessie

I love bacon period! hehehe I’m loving the idea of bacon mac and cheese. That’s something I have no tried before.


12 Pam (Highway to Health)

I love bacon!! These are great ideas.. Someone mentions bacon with mac and cheese once but I completely forgot about it until now.


13 Marianne

Bacon is definitely a most versitile food, and kicks up so many dishes! I must say though, my favourite is the classic bacon cheese burger – you can’t go wrong there. Bacon wrapped scallops might have to be a close second though :)


14 Hugging the Coast

So many of these ideas are perfect party foods. I’ll definitely keep these in mind as the holiday season approaches.


15 Danica

OMG! I totally NEED bacon in my life like now after seeing all of that! Hope little Z feels better soon.

Have a great weekend Z!



16 Donalyn

My 6 years old grandson just told me this past weekend: “grandma – there is nothing that isn’t better if you put some bacon on it!” A smart lad :)


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